Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Part 2: Add/ Autism? and Chronic Illness

Now for the rest of the story.....

The Medical Director of Pathway: Medical Advocates, John Hicks is the person who has had a special interest in the chronic medical issues, esp frontal lobe disorders. All medical powers agree that add, adhd, autism spectrum disorders, schitzophrenia, depression, bi-polar disorder, etc etc etc, are due to a dysfunction taking place in the frontal lobe of the brain. A neurotransmitter is an electrical charge that carries information from the senses to the proper part of the brain so it can be "read" or understood and responded to appropriately. The problem is that the information frm the neurontransmotter is not being received completely, is distorted, or lost along on the trip.

For depression the neurotransmitter is serotonin, but depending on the problem the nuerotransmitter could be dopamine, selenium, a number of others. A traditional medical approach looks at the fact that the serotonin is not received and this is "diagnosed" by the self reports of a person's feelings and by the doctor asking questions and seeing how much they meet diagnistic criteria on a scale. The goal is to give them medicene (prozac - serotonin reuptake inhibitors) to help produce more of the neurotransmitter OR the receivers which are to catch them.

In order to understand the neurtotransmitter / receiver process the doctor gave an illustration of an olive with a pimiento to describe the relationship. The pimiento (nuerotransmitter) occurs in the body as a response to an outside vibration (a sound, chemical, food, etc) in order to be understood it must be attach to an olive (receiver) to be identified. A problem occurs when the pimento does not reach the olive. The traditional "outside - in" approach says lets create more olives in the body so that all the pimientos are useable, thus a medicene is given and the prozac "false high" begins. The inside- out approach says what's stopping the pimientos from reaching their olives?

This is the part the really made me emotional. Whenever I hear of commercial practices that are performed to benefit the manufacturer and not the consumer I get mad.

The doctor stated that in all of the cases he has treated only 10% are a true biological dysfunction in which genetic cases may be the issue. In autism, the true gluten casein disorder occurs when the intestine cannot absorb the protein molecules. What happens to the unabsorbed molecules? They float through the system and are an exact match to a neurotransmitter "olive", so they take the spot that a pimiento needs to be in. The real gluten casein effect of this biological symptom has the same effect of opium.... the person hallucinates when they eat glutin or caseiin. Casein can stay in the system taking up the olives needed for everyday functioning for as long as six months, gluten for 3-4 weeks. Recommendation... have a IEP made so that the child has an aide sitting with them at lunch to keep them from eating wheat products or dairy.

Now there's more....
What else takes up the "olives" so that the right "pimientos" cannot get in? Chemicals in our environment, proteins from foods, electromagnetic fields (from poorly ground electricity in houses or schools) near a spot that the person spends much time, etc. The doctor gave a story about a child who was severely disabled and could not even sit in a seat at school, he flopped on the floor on a carpet most of the time. He could not focus and would not respond to verbal orders. When he was hungry he squawked or threw a fit and was eight years old. When the chemical testing was done many numbers were out of range both ways. The boy (although diagnosed with severe autism) did not have gluten/ casein dysfunction which is common in genetic based autism. After much investigation it was discovered that the boy would only eat chicken. The chicken was commercially produced. The doctor knew that commercially bred chickens have a small amount of arsenic put in their food to keep their beaks soft so that they do not peck each other or theirself. When tested for arsenic levels in the blood.... he got it! The boy was slowly being poisoned and once the diet was changed (first with organic free range chicken) the problems self corrected within a short few months. As the poisons were released via several treatments the boy improved, today the medical records appear that the boy was "cured" of autism, but the truth is that the problem was not not autism in the first place.

EGGS: Many people are reacting to these substances. Vaccination bacteria are grown on eggs so the body deals with the bacteria being immunized against as well as the egg protein at the same time.

DAIRY: Commercial cows are pumped full of steriods and hormones to get them bigger and keep them pumping milk... more, bigger, better gives someone big bucks.

CORN: The leading corn manufacturer has developed "pesticide" ready corn to keep the crop from having pest damage. Efficient for them, but for us, our corn has been molecularly changed in the last few years and often the body cannot digest this strange molecular composition. NON-GMO is important, if your product doesn't specify you are eating pesticide molecules spliced into the corn your food was prepared with.

Corn as well as PEANUTS are harvested all at once so farmers "dump" the harvest into large piles which stay there for a couple of months until they are sold or storage is available. While this harvest sits for a couple of months it molds..... BLACK MOLD! The doctor assured us that although many chemical processes happen to keep away the bad effects of the mold away no company goes thorugh each peanut or corn kernel to ensure that the every kernel and strand of mold is washed. This is why alternative nut butters are recommended, no other nut is harvested in mega large quantities like peanut (which is a legume).

Commercial peanut butter = moldy peanuts + transfat + high fructose corn syrup

All fructose today comes from corn, it used to come from fruit but corn is to cheap of source.

Dr Hicks has conducted blood tests on individuals with serious cases of ADD, ADHD, and autism spectrum disorders (as well as others). He wants to see the levels of the serotonin, dopamine, selenium, etc that the child's body has. After looking at the chemical tests, a complete blood chemical test including IGG blood food and environmental chemical allergy test along with a complete physical exam, this gives him the information to mapping the person's neurotransmitter or cell energy activity (remember einsteins theory). Mapping the person's cell energy allows him to see what is wrong with the cell activity and then he begins to understand what is stopping the bodies natural (BIO) process from healing (MEDICAL) the way it needs to.

This is a hard concept, but is it describes the reason for the delivery method chosen for treatment. The doctor was fuzzy in the way he described "mapping" cell activity, but I'll try to give an example. A body with low levels of serotonin emits a vibrational energy wave that can be recorded. Note that our body is 80% water, neurotramsmitters are electrical charges, and water conducts electricity (try the hair blower in the shower thing if you don't believe this). In treating the deficit the best way to begin to deal with these balances are giving the "opposite" of the deficit cell energy wave via water conductor for the body to receive it in it's natural BIO way.

Although every ones "numbers" vary, it startes the process of understanding and identifying what neurotransmitters are low or are not being received. This approach differs greatly from the acute care or traditional approach. One example: A child with ZERO serotonin, when normal range is 87-105. The child's traditonal acute care physician did not see this as a problem because the acute symptom was that the child was combative and was in an antisocial way. According to one physician the child needed a calming drug (anti-psychotic) not "energy" drops that balance the energies flowing from the child's body nor diet therapy or removing environmental toxins. I guess as consumers we get to choose... personally I want both sides of the story and then I want to make the informed decision about which treatment choice to use.

Baby shots have a mercury base and can cause mercury poisoning which will give autistic like symptoms. This doctor did not say don't vaccinate your children, just NEVER allow more than one shot to be given at a time and NEVER give them when the child has any sign of an immune system not fully functioning (cold, etc).

If you want to find out the chemicals that you are probably exposed to on a daily basis check out this link and type in your zipcode. SCORECARD.ORG (click the link)


Urban Vegan said...

wow--sounds like you really got a lot from that conference. thanks for sharing your learnings.

Vicki said...

great info! my mind would have been swirling at that conference. thanks for boiling it down for us.

KleoPatra said...

Unbelievable info, Dori. As someone who has a close friend who has bipolar disorder, i am very interested in all of what you write about here. Thank you for sharing this, so much of what you have learned that you are willing and able to teach us here. Fantastic.

primaryconsumer said...

Thanks for the info Dori, it was all extremely interesting.

Melody said...

Aresenic poisoning.. that is sooo scary.

I love these posts... very informative.. I wish that people would stop and just be willing to try something different. I have a friend who has two boys with Aspbergers and she hasn't been willing to even try to change their diets.. She's not pumping them full of meds though, so at least their not getting those toxins.

Catherine said...

Keeps bringing me back to one question . . .


Crazy amounts of crazy information. Thanks so much for sharing!

funwithyourfood said...

corn and peanuts?
I had no idea


Luna said...

Hi Dori nice to meet you :o) and thank you for your visit!
I'm curious about your activity, most of all i have to say that "homeschool" sounds "strange" to me, this is a thing which is not so usual in Italy(well,honestly i've never heard about it and really don't know if it is allowed!)
And you are a student too :0)!I choose to go back studying too, but as i was saying, Italy isn't the right place for studying "on your own".Since i'm working and married, i can't enroll as i full-time student who attend lessons & everything, plus i live far from the university which is in Venice (>100 km from where i live)...and this is a "status" which is not recognized by the university, "on-line" courses are beeing introduced very slowly in a very small "èlite" of universities (not mine)... it's complicated.I think America gives a better "service" to families, under a great variety of point of view ;0) at least here in Italy we have "cultural slow food habits "!!;0)
Have a nice day!

Waist Watcher said...

Thanks for visiting my blog. Thank you also for leaving the rhubarb cake recipe though I wouldn't be able to use it as is. I have never seen wholewheat pastry flour here (they don't even have wholewheat bread!), I make my own applesauce because they don't have that either, and I had to google 'stevia' because I had never heard of it. Such is the problem with using recipes from abroad! One problem with the English muffins could be that the wheat might be different here.

Your blogs about chronic illnesses were interesting. I should find out more about that.

It was nice to see that another blogger has a tall teenage. My 16 year old is 6ft 5½ in and wears size 15 shoes.

t. said...

Thanks a lot Dori! This was so informative and itneresting!
Granted, I do not have the knowledge to understand or comment about it, nor I know much of these diseases, yet I learnt a lot from you!

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