Thursday, June 08, 2006

Added to... Not busy

Yeah! I can get into blogger again. Kai, I'm sorry to hear about your site.... so much work gone. :-(

Redeeming from Busyness:
I have to redeem my "busy-ness" from the last post. Looking at it all together, it looks like alot. The 15 credit hours is spread over the summer, I am not in more than two classes at one time ever. Taking on baking for orders one day a week for customers takes 5 hours max - I have a commercial oven and I pay my sister makes granola for me and she often delivers to the coffee house for me also. (Pix: A basket of granola going to coffee house to sell.)

Also, I have a supportive DH who really took over things for me this past four weeks... I had been taking on line classes so that I can do them on my time, this is the only one I had to go away for. Also, right now is summer and my kids are considerably independent aroud the home (with some guidance). At home my kithen, family room, and dining room table are all in an open area. So when they are watching TV I'm ususally on the computor doing schoolwork or if I'm in the kitchen we are still together and sociable, but DH does say that I have two speeds: Fast and really fast. And with the sleep, I have had to make a few short nights but not to often . . . family FORBIDS me to do that anymore.

When I started taking classes we were all in 100% agreement that it would truly be a team effort if I was to accomplish this goal and then we keep a note of the benefits of the outcome. One of which is my kids both want to attend college and momma needs to bring in some extra financial $$ to help them achieve that. The Bakehouse is wonderful, but $100 a day as a sub teacher in addition to a few homeschool family visits will sure help accomplish that besides the Bakehouse is more of a passion than it is a profession in pay, cool thing is I get paid for something I love. DH and I love the farmers market and the veggie garden is a family project (DS often mows with a riding mower).

Also, my family consists of DH & two teens (come August, age 15 and 18)... I do 80% of household cooking, kids do dishes and trash, we all do our own laundry, I tell kids to clean up bedroom once a week and they do. I have pretty good kids.... I really do. Sometimes I look at them and think to myself, "How is it that you are turning out so well considering all the mistakes I've made along the way?". All in all, my the secret is the bible verse that we based our first homeschool year on. Matthew 6:33 But seek ye first the kingdon of God and all these things shall be added unto to you. This has been a priority my personal goal and I realized seeking isn't hard. Honestly, I feel added to.... not busy.

Schoolwork secret, I learn the best place to slack. Last semester I had two finals and a 1 1/2 hour video response to do on the same day. The video response was worth 5 points. I did review it (okay, fast forward mode) and made 5 very simple short comments one of which was, "Children are cute." Well the prof e'd me and said that she felt I didn't make a good effort in the review and didn't give me the points. I did that in order to give the two finals the time they needed. I got a B in the class and an A in the other two. DH gave me a hard time (via phone) last night about making sure I didn't attempt a "children are cute" kind of response for the final I have to take in about four hours.

Okay, next post is Midweek Munchies. I'm so excited about some of the things I have to share. I have to wait until I get home to take pictures though!


Freedom said...

It's great that yor passion is also your profession (to some extent) and I'm sure you haven't made too many mistakes raising your kids - anyone who recognises the rights of animals enough to be vegan can't be too bad! :-) I know what you mean about prioritising study - I am studying for exams at the moment and try to do the same sort of thing. Good luck in your classes!

Melody said...

Your family sounds so supportive... that is a true gift.

I made the Qinoa Oat Muffins, but I ended up baking it in a pie plate (I wanted to use my toaster oven).. I didn't wash the quinoa well enough because it has that funky unwashed quinoa flavor, but other than that, I love it! I have it cut up in slices and I popped a lot of it in the freezer to grab for a quick breakfast. I also had a small piece after dinner last night and it was like a dessert. I had serious doubts that it would actually hold together when I saw the batter, but it did. I'm so impressed... a wheat free, almost sugar free (I also cut the sucanat down) and low fat quick bread/muffin!!

Vicki said...

hey dori ~ i like to hear how you manage it all & feel inspired by your writing. your family seems so awesome & supportive. oh, and i'd really like to have a bag of your granola. :o)

Brenda W. said...


I loved your comments on your prioritizing with the classwork!! Don't you wish we knew when we were younger what we know now!! (I figure I'm about your age, maybe a few years older .... ) Age and experience sure help!!

You have a wonderful family and life; you are so right about putting God first ... everything else generally falls into place when one does that!

Catherine said...

Hey Dori, glad to hear life is busy but manageable. I give you lots of credit for having your kids responsible for chores -- it's a tough thing to do, but very, very important for them in the long run. (There's a great book called "How Much is Enough?" that I'm a huge supporter of, about how (and when) to say no to your children and how to teach them altruism and social responsibility. Self-responsibility is a big part of that!) Wonderful, too, that your sister helps you out with the business side of your life.

Anonymous said...

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