Sunday, January 07, 2007

Sprouts and behind the apron

FIBER at 28 cooks is having a cook behind the apron "coming out" of sorts. I have never been hidden on this blog as I have shared pictures of myself and family, but to jump in on the fun I am going to participate. I am Dori from the Rural Midwest United States. Although I had been homeschooling my kids (age 15 and 18 with special needs), growing organic veggies on our 1 acre plot, cooking up a storm in our small family organic bakery, and cooking vegan for 8 years I was previously a SAD eating gal who experienced a few serious health problems until I decided to reconsider my lifestyle and values. I have a son who has a diagnosis on the autism scale and other health issues including food allergies. Currently (as in one whole week now) I am a high school teacher with an endorsement in Occupational Family and Consumer Science. Although I am taking a little time off from personal studies I am pursuing my PhD in the same area. The picture is of me from September.

Sprouts are good for us also according to THIS website. I purchased a sprouting device not long ago because I like salad / sandwich sprouts and wanted more variety that our midwest winters will allow at an affordable price (aka I wanted more than cabbage). I know that grain and bean sprouts are considered high in nutritional qualities, but I have never really used them much, okay, never used them ever. About two years ago I purchased a bag of bean sprouts from an oriental store. I don't remember what I wanted to use them for, but I do remember that I didn't like them at all and have not been adventurous with bean sprouts since then.

With much talk of detox and commitment for a healthier 2007 and financial goals, etc. I am open again to trying various sprouts ways with these now that I will have the ability to make my own. I do have the sprout lids that would enable me to grow them a canning jar, but decided to try this kit so I can do more kinds of sprouts at once. Why sprout? According to HANDY PANTRY the company that manufactured the kit that I purchased here are the top 10 reasons to sprout...
1. Only Pennies Per Serving
One tablespoon of seeds will fill a quart jar with several ounces of sprouts. A 4-ounce package will yield several pounds.
2. Simple and Easy
Take less than a minute per day to grow and prepare. They will grow nearly anywhere indoors, in any season. Sprouts require very little space and travel well.
3. Fresh and Ready Quickly
This “garden in your kitchen” grows very fast, in any kind of weather. No digging, planting, weeding, pests or chemicals involved. And there’s no long wait, as in seasonal outdoor gardens. Just 3 to 7 days to a bountiful, nutrition-packed harvest. When stored in your refrigerator, they will stay fresh for days- even weeks if rinsed properly.
7. Highly Nutritious
Several contain more protein than cooked meat-at a tiny fraction of the cost. The presence and balance of amino acids makes this protein more digestible. All sprouts are rich in vitamins, minerals, trace elements, enzymes, and fiber.
8. Low in Calories / Fat
One fully-packed cup of alfalfa sprouts contains only 16 calories. These are simple sugars for quick energy. Sprouts contain no cholesterol and provide several essential fatty acids. Sprouts are the perfect weight-loss and body-purification food.
9. Help Detox your Body
Chlorophyll helps cleanse and oxygenate the blood. Enzymes aid in the digestion and assimilation of nutrients, and contribute to the body’s life force. Fiber aids elimination and their lecithin helps the body get rid of cholesterol. A raw food diet is one of the best ways to detox your body.
10. Build your Immune System
Antioxidants protect you from radiation and toxic chemicals. They help the body to cleanse, detox, rebuild and heal itself. Sprouts are rich in antioxidants and help protect you from the health scourge of the 90’s— toxic build-up. Antioxidant enzymes are especially important, because they are essential for the proper function of the immune system. Sprouts are one of the best sources for these important nutrients.

Okay I'm convinced. You'll be seeing more sprouts on my food soon. I am seriously giving deep thoughts to 6-8 weeks of a detox diet. However I must do more study... I might actually "jump on the wagon" in March during spring break.


Freedom said...

Hey Dori, good for you for jumping on the sprout wagon! I loooove all kinds of sprouts, especially chickpea sprouts. And they are so simple and quick and CHEAP! Always a bonus. Have fun, oh and congrats on your new teaching job by the way! :-)

Anonymous said...

Sprouts are so fun! Marty always gets excited when he sees a new tray of sprouts (we use the Sprout Master trays instead of canning jars). I like all sprouts but I especially love green pea and garbanzo bean sprouts. They're the most delicious snack (kind of like edamame texture - different taste). I also like broccoli sprouts (they taste just like broccoli) but they're quite expensive so it's a splurge for sure.

We eat so many sprouts that they're always our "lettuce" of choice for sandwiches and we often eat salads with sprouts, tomatoes, and cucumbers.

Nikki said...

I love sprouts! :) Good luck with that!

Thanks for showing us the 'behind the apron' Dori! I love reading your blog and hearing about the cool things you do with your family. You're the kind of mom I aspire to be some day! :)

bazu said...

I love sprouts too, and only recently started sprouting my own! Isn't it fun?

And I loved reading your behind the apron story. Very inspiring.

laura jesser said...

Ooh, sprouts! I love 'em, but I have nevver tried sprouting on my own. Everyone says it's so easy... I'm just apprehensive, I guess. Where do you get your seeds?

I've been thinking seriously about a detox too... I pitched the idea to Bob last night and he didn't seem against it.

I love getting to know fellow bloggers! I am glad you participated!

erica said...

Wow you're such a frequent blogger these days! I suck at sprouting BAD. Like, depressingly so. I fear even an expensive sprouting thingy would not help me, so I haven't got one. (pout)

Anonymous said...

I love sprouts and have been contemplating getting some sprouting materials. I'll be interested to see how you like sprouting.

It'll also be fun to see what you put in your new lunch box.

Urban Vegan said...

I'm turning into a sprout-aholic, myself. I just use a mason jar for mine [currently sprouting mung beans], which is perfect for me, since it's just me and Omniman. I also buy different varieties at the store on occassion.

Hapy sprouting.

Celine said...

i added your blog to my syndicated feeds on, yet i never get told when you post new things! what a shame. so here i am anyway! take that, silly syndicated feed!

i love me some sprouts. i could add them to everything i eat these days. yum, sprouts.

Harmonia said...

I just got done sprouting some lentils...a lot more than I what...other than salads and pitas and suggest was a's on Veggin' Out the link to the recipe...I think I am going to try it...but will BUY the Almond Milk first...not make it myself. Anyhow, I like your pic...and Fiber's blog!

I got an herb garden for Christmas...I'm also trying basil, oregano, parsely in far so good. Alfalfah is next in the regular sprouting glasses and covers! YAY!

aTxVegn said...

I'm glad you did Behind the Apron.

Sprouting seems to be a big topic lately, maybe because of the detox benefits. I was thinking I don't have any place to put them, but surely I can find room for a few jars! Thanks for the great information.

Don't Get Mad Get Vegan! said...

I keep saying 'm gonna start sprouting as I love them so much and keep hearing how easy it is.

I think you've just inspired me to stop taking and start sproutin! ;)

Anonymous said...

this is my first time on a blog and i choose yours sounds interesting the detox soup make some for me and i will come and eat it and invite myself to your house the week of the 26 so i am telling you a head of time so in between going to bc to 4giveness smile and say hi

Fiber said...

I love sprouts!! What a great post - very informative!

Also, thanks for taking part in the roundup!!

Dori said...

Hi my anonymous sister.... the 26th for supper is fine. Yes I will be in BC that weekend and will make sure I find you to say hi.

Catherine said...

Hi dori,

You're amazing! how can you do so much! you're an inspiration to me.

Alanna said...


Scott at Real Epicurean said...

Sprouts are great but I didn't know so much about them until I read this article!

Of course, they have one downside that doesn't need to be mentioned :)