Monday, June 26, 2006

ADD/ AUSTISM/ Chronic Illness

Hey food blogger friends. I've debated on what today's entry in my blog will be about and whether I should discuss the "nitty gritty" of a conference I attended this weekend. Despite being a little overwhelmed and emotional I decided to give a brief overview of what I learned there. I know that this entry will not be another fabulous vegan recipe from the thief or myself, but I think you foodies and vegan lifestylers will enjoy the informative nature of it. What you see here is my understanding of a complex topic that took several hours of two days worth of listening... if you need more info make sure you go to the source, website listed at the bottom of the page.

Health: A Systems Approach from a Bio-Medical Perspective
I have meandered around the nutrition and natural health field for awhile, however I'll complete my masters in FCS with a secondary teaching certification (Ed) from the college of Human Sciences at ISU in December. I am not one to hear something and immediately fall prey to the persuasive speech of a sales pitch and am very skilled at saying NO. The conference I went to was not a sales pitch, but there were people there who would like my business. As I listened to the speakers I looked for the basic underlying beliefs of the concept(s) presented, which was on dietary and alternative therapies for treating chrinic illnesses, my reason for attending was to know more about ADD, ADHD, and Autism.

A bit more about me: My family chooses a traditional acute care physician as well as a "Naturopathic Doctor" who completed eight years of accredited ed schooling, but also received "doctorate" level training in naturalopathy. I say it like this because many people out there calling themself "Doctor", like the well known author of the MAKER'S DIET, Jordan Rubin, who did not complete a doctorate degree in which a liscence to practice in any given state is required. Yes, he has something important to say (some of the things) and I agree with the naturopathic philospohy, but not a deception about the qualifications of a person I trust with my very health. Fortunately, after an expensive lawsuit for which he was fined, he can no longer use the letters "M.D" behind his name.

The speaker at the conference also agreed with the naturalopathic philosophy common to any practioner of this nature (treat the whole person), but I found the following additional thoughts in which the presenting doctor (MD - Wisconsin state liscensed medical doctor and naturalopathic certifcation) bases his practice upon. I think it is important to share this first so that I don't sound like my feet were removed from planet earth when I describe his theory of disease process and some of the methods of treatment he uses:

  • Systems Approach: We are a three part being: Mind, Body, and Spirit (or another way this has been said we are a spirit, we live in a body, and we have a mind/will/choice). You cannot treat one aspect without considering the others in balance. If your body doesn't work right, your mind or spirit may have issues and all combinations of this are also true... balance is key. I'm a teacher at heart, so I must resist further explanation of what the terms and application of Mind, Body, and Spirit means.
  • Bio-Medical: Every cell in our body is capable of renewal and is designed to heal itself, within a short number of years every cell in your body will be replaced and renewed. With chronic illness, the goal is to find out what is stopping this natural biological process and getting rid of it (the medical is to works to support the body in it's own natural process). The idea here is that healing takes place from the inside out , NOT the outside in like traditional, acute care medicene does. Note here that acute care medicene is important, if we break a leg we want it set and pain meds until we heal! However, when the problem is ongoing and reoccuring (chronic), acute care does not work. Acute care also deals with immediate symptoms of a disease (diabetes/ insulin, etc) but does not work towards a cure. Bio-medical practictioners desire work with the person to correct the underlying issues, not the acute/ immediate symptoms.
  • Einstein' Theory that energy and matter are dual expressions of the same substance tells us that every cell in our body is energy based. Scientists have recorded energy vibrations... they are real. A tree emits energy vibrations (yes, slow ones) as well as an MRI body scan machine which emits very fast ones. These energy vibrations can be recorded and have been recorded. Every cell in our body emits these vibrations, they are similar to the feeling you may get when you read my blog and feel the love and foodie vibrations coming from it. It may make you may want to run to the kitchen overcome by the passion and power of my cells emitting this vibe to make food of your own. Okay, my example is a bit far fetched but you get the point. Another, better example... if you are around a person who has a very postive attitude and outlook on life, it can affect you and you may have a more positive attitude for the day which goes along with the expression, "Hang around with the people you want to be like." OF IMPORTANT NOTE: A sick or diseased cell also emits and energy vibration. The nuerotransmitters in our brain emits energy vibrations, just like the nuero transmitters in our "gut" .... did you know that there are more nuerotransmitters in our gut than in our brain.... thus the need to "go with your gut reaction!"

Pathways Medical Advocates

Dr Hick's of the above linked office was the key speaker at the conference I went to.
(Although I learned alot form the presenter, the presenters wife (diet counselor) was not veg friendly, but she had reasons for this.... I suppose, we all have reasons for believing things. They just aren't very good ones sometimes! So, NOTE with me here as we all say in unison: "Protein is important! Not all protein comes from a 1/2 a cow purchased in a year, even if it is organic." And besides that fact, it is not good for my body and my son tests highly allergic to it!)

Oh NO! I have to get onto some other business today... I will keep writing about the really good things I learned and publish more to my blog tommorrow. I do have more interesting things to share!


Melody said...

I can't wait to hear more..

It drives me nuts when people promote meat.

KleoPatra said...

So interesting, Dori! I have been knee deep in health issues for stories i'm working on for the newspaper and magazines i write for that i totally applaud you for boiling some of this very complex info into read-able layman's (and laywoman's) terms. Very enlightening reading.

I'm sure you already know what most of us who read this think about the meat eating...


Looking forward to finding out more of what you saw and heard.

Vicki said...

very interesting, dori, thanks for sharing it here, and making it more understandable.

Catherine said...

Dori, I've always wondered why the "traditional" American medical community seems more concerned with treating problems, rather than preventing them in the first place. I just read something not too long ago that something like 90 percent of cancers could be preventable by making dietary changes. Amazing, if you ask me!

As an early childhood educator, I've been trained to teach in the "whole child" approach, which means teaching while taking into account each child's physical, social, emtotional, cognitive, and creative needs. When we look at negative behavior in children, we think, "is this child hungry? tired? scared? bored? unsure about what the "right" thing to do is?" This sounds very similar to the information you learned in your workshop, in a way -- treat the whole person, not just the symptoms! Really, it makes so darn much sense.

P.S. -- I emailed some recipes to Melissa last night.

Freedom said...

This all sounds so interesting. I can look at it from two perspectives because I am currently studying vet science and I am a total science-head, really into technical details, while my mum is doing a diploma of counselling and currently works with intellectually and physically disabled children. She is particularly interested in autism.

Good on you for furthering your knowledge as an adult - I think that's cool.

Freedom said...
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primaryconsumer said...

I didn't mind your post not being about food, that was really interesting. I'm very interested nutrition, and I often wonder about some of the things you touched upon.

At the health food store my sister works in, the manager is associated with The Weston A. Price Foundation. He is a complete quack, but people are always believing him when he says, oh, butter and lard and meat are actually good for you.
Mind you, I say he is a quack because the only degree he has is an associates degree in marketing. Yet, he feels it's his duty to help people by telling them to eat animal products as their main source of calories. The sad part is that the customers believe him.

Dori said...

I hear you Veronica. It seems like if you have an opinion and are in a position to influence others (like a business manager who happens to work in the health food industry), then someone will believe you.

Kleopatra... I'm not sure I could do what you do and be around it all the time. I get so emotional, it took all of Sunday afternoon before I could tell Dave some of the things about the conference.... like commonalities the doctore has seen in patients, boys who have hormone issues are moer likely to come from a mother with a higher risk of hormonal related cancer. A few of the issues hit pretty personal areas.

You have a point Catherine... why as educators are we taight to see the whole person, but traditional meds don't? The conference mentioned the pharmeceutical companies are the ones making the big bucks and funding many of the med school programs which traditional doctors attend.

Freedon... vet med, kudos to you!

Catherine said...

Hi Dori,

Thanks for the write-up. I have a son with autsim and have come to the conclusion that it is an umbrella phrase for many disorders that probably have different causes. That said, I strongly suspect immunizations, along with a genetic predisposition to autism. My son cannot drink milk without having a bouncing off the wall reaction, although seems fine with other dairy products. He eats a mostly vegetarian diet (from choice), but has what appear to be "seasonal" issues( reverse SAD - the summer is the low point). My advise to all parents is go with your gut instincts. My experience with the "experts " is that they are drawing a blank.

Keep us posted!

Anonymous said...

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