Saturday, June 17, 2006

The Garden Grows and Grows

Roma Tomatoes, Sugar Baby Watermelon, and some of those peas on a plate with two varieties of hummous.

Hey! How did he get in there?

Send rain.


KleoPatra said...

Hee hee. Nice kitty!!

t. said...

Sooo cute! I am truly enchanted by cats (even if I have a dog): is he/she vegetarians/vegan as well?
I am researching the subject for the first time and I am trying to find a vegetarian pet animal to 'interview'!

Dori said...

No The cat is not vegan. Cats cannot be, however he will have to catch his own meat because he will not get it form me.

Here is a peice Bryanna Clark Grogan (see vegan feast link) said when I asked her about it...

"have three cats. One, Sinaed,
is 15 years old and still very active-- goes out hunting, chases her tail, and generally acts like a youngster. She has been eating my homemade vegan catfood for about 12-13 years of her life.
Tina and Ringo are brother and sister and they are 2 years old. We adopted them at a very young age and they have been eating my food since they arrived. I added Vegekit supplement ( to their food for the first year. Now they hunt, too, and I don't add it. This site has some advice on feeding cats. My cats have never had urinary tract problems, perhaps because they never eat dry food.
Some people object to letting cats hunt, but we live in the country-- it would be near-impossible to keep them inside. At this stage of their lives, I think it would be cruel. I have more problems with feeding them slaughterhouse products than I do with them hunting. They kill far more mice than anything else, and I found out that mouse-meat contains 10 times more tauriine (the amino acid that cats need) than beef does!
They are all healthy, happy, and have beautiful coats, and never need to go to the vet.
My recipe is:
4 cups dry chickpeas, cooked well and mashed (I do this in 3 batches in the food processor-- it can be a bit chunky)
3 cups TVP granules soaked with 3 cups hot water
1 cup torula yeast
3/4 cup oil
1 T. salt
Mix together well. Add some of the chickpea cooking water if it needs more moisture. This makes about 7 pints, or enough for a week for my 3 cats. I freeze most of it and thaw as needed."

Catherine said...

Kitties are sneaky like that, aren't they? Did you name the baby yet?

Your garden looks tremendous, Dori! I'm so jealous of your homegrown produce -- nothing can compare. We just had a huge storm here late last week, which brought tons of rain, but its still quite dry here. Here's hopin'!

t. said...

Dori thanks a million for the post! It is super informative!!!
I have two pets (dog and tortoise: the first non vegan, the other 100% vegan) and I have never had a cat, so I am pretty unsure of what their exact nutrient requirements are (to be fair though, I find the idea of keeping an animal with such a strong insict like a cat on a vegan diet seems somewhat wrong to me). I am definitely intriguided into doing more and more research now!
Thanks a lot!

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