Tuesday, April 25, 2006

A Happy Garden Dog

Links below show pictures of the garden through this 2006 growing season.

Pup says, "Yeah, It's garden season!"
Then she does a happy puppy dance.

She loves garden season. She is doing her happy dance here, but she knows she has to sit pretty to be able to be let free to roam in the garden with me. Our garden ground is freshly planted in the pictures below, but today as this is being posted I have spinach, turnips, and potatoes poking through the ground. I took my first cutting of asparagus that DH started for me three years ago, 1 shoot was delish... I didn't even cook it. I just harvested rhubarb, 12 cups worth of diced tart veggie... I'll have plenty more throughout the season because we started six root plants two years ago and they are hardy. My raspberry plants (heritage) are going well, we also have two yellow raspberry plants and an early summer bearing plant.

This is half of what we have planted in previous years because I will be teaching at the public school in the fall for 12 weeks. That is also a time of great harvest, cutting back will stop alot from going to waste this year. It's hard to hold back though... I have a serious case of garden-i-tous this spring! This problem is kind of like going to the grocery store when you are hungry, only it deals with hankering for fresh produce after a long winter.

Follow the LINKS below to see our 2006 GARDEN grow.

April 18 - May 20

This link will show you our garden center plant purchases and an update of what is growing on towards the end of May in my personal blog entry called WHAT'S UP.

June 12, 2006

Picture includes the tomato that blessed Dave as the winner of the earliest tomato contest at his work. You have to scroll past the family outing and kitchen detail entry to see the garden. A spinach salad and vegetarian sukiyaki recipe is included in this post.

June 17, 2006

2 links below with good pictures. Brussel sprouts, watermelon, kale, broccoli, our kitten (oops!), tomatoes, etc.

The Garden Grows

The Garden Grows and Grows

JUNE 30, 2006

Dori picking green beans... the corn is also growing well.

We harvested the first section of corn July 25-29 at the same time that we removed all of the spent early spring plants as well as zucchini plnat. The zucchini plants got "the bug" and were dying off. We just take them out to try to control the infestation as best we can.


Harmonia said...

Wonderful kid you have there...of the 4 legged variety...that is. Great pics!

Speaking of gardens...have your ever tried growing Asparagus? jw

Spice Island Vegan said...

Hi Dori,

I love your pup. She is cute! I posted a comment about her in your other blog. Don't know if you see it. I called her the Yin and Yang dog because she has the Chinese Yin and Yang color. So adorable!

Your garden are so big. We live in the city and only have patches of dirt.


Dori said...

Pup is a wonderful dog and really is "balanced" (a gentle personality) as you say Debbie.

Yes, I can say we are growing asparagus. It took us two years of not harvesting it to get some food for this year... I got to eat my first lonely, but wonderful spear yesterday. More shoots are coming up, so I'll be happily munching away for the rest of spring.
(I'm on another computor, so i am anonymous - Dori)

Vicki said...

Wow, what a big garden you have and so pretty too. Yellow raspberry plants?! That's a new one for me. asparagus fresh out of the garden sounds very amazing. And of course, I LOVE the dog pictures. Does he have any tricks?

Dori said...

Pup was a stray and was called pup because we didn't intend to keep her 9 years ago. She had alot of anxiousness to overcome in her younger years and still has a hard time with strangers or new situations. Her only trick is when we say the word garden she does a happy dance and sits pretty, but whines impatiently. She loves the wide open place to run in the garden. She does obey when we say sit and come, she loves her tummy rubbed, and two months ago she had a surgery to remove cancer off her tummy... vet says chances of living another 5+ years are good.

KleoPatra said...

I loved seeing Pup so joyful, as well as reading more about him.

You have such a lovely garden, i am going to enjoy the links here looking at it. Thanks for sharing, Dori!