Wednesday, June 21, 2006

6.21.06 Midweek Munchies and homemade veg pet food

I found a cute new snackie from Florida's Natural's (LINK to their page). They call them au'some fruit juice nuggets. They are packaged in a cute little juice style carton with a plastic lid that screws off so you can "pour" out the juice nuggest. They contain a day's worth of vitamin C, are gelatin free, and kosher (sugar is in the ingredient list). They pack a powerful juicy taste, almost overwhelming to my tastebuds but my teens loved them. 2/ $1, worth the fun. I bought the four flavor's available: blueberry, orange, strawberry, and apple.

Broccoli, tart cherries (just starting to ripen), kale, edible pod pea and the kind that needs shelled, yellow raspberries (picked the first five yesterday), CAULIFLOWER is starting to harvest and turnips. Thanks for sending rain!

I got a huge box of stuff for $6. Here's a couple of pictures of my favorite things. The mixing bowl is ceramic and has a lid. I used the juicer/slicer gadget to squeeze the key limes and to zest it also


Since I paid for my college class expenses on the credit card, I got a lot of reward points. I purchased an amazon gift certificate with my points. I have been rewarded for my college classes with the following cookbooks. Dreena: Everyday Vegan and Vive Le Vegan. I like these books. Personally I am a die-hard Bryanna fan, but I think that these books will be the perfect ones for my daughter to learn to cook with. I loved reading Dreena's testimony and experiences. A good cookbook is is better to me than the lastest popular fiction novel, I read them like such. I also purchased Isa's, Vegan with a Vengeance. My son will be posting the results of his panckes and pineapple sauce from this book very soon. I have read this book from front to back cover..... REALLY. I enjoy Isa's lively (punk) attitude and the cost saving, easy prep recipes. This one is definitely for my son to learn to cook from. He has already picked out the biscuit with s'sage gravy recipe to make for his supper cooking turn this week.

I am blanching and freezing alot of broccoli this week. I will be making cauliflour/carrot pickles (my daughter and i love these) and waterbath canning them this week. We often eat leftovers for lunches. Breakfast often consists of BAKEHOUSE granola, muffins, or toast and nut butter. Desserts or snack usually are frozen fruit smoothies (lately they've had green added) with a protein boost: This week it is MANITOBA HARVEST hemp protein powder. My jar costed $10 / lb, but it's a nice rotation on protein for a green smoothie (link to recipe)... this powder is green also.

* Broccoli with Bryanna's ched'da style block cheese melted on it and the corn muffins with roasted red pepper that I didn't get made last week
* Dreena's herbed tomato soup with grilled Bryanna cheez sandwich
* Pasta with three color pepper stirfry and a dressing heavy in the hoison sauce (Dreena recipe)
* TVP chucks (b'fy flavored) with a broccoli stirfry over rice
* My Son's Cooking Goal(s): VwaV Biscuits and Gracy with TVP sausage (instead of tempeh) AND the VwaV coconut pancakes with pineapple syrup.
* Homemade Cat Food using chickpeas and TVP (see my comment box under the garden grows and grows) for explanation and recipe

Bakehouse orders: 6 loaves Flax seed and soy bread, 12 raw bars, 15# cinnamon raisin granola, 15# banana nut granola. I'll make the bread and raw bars, (link to recipe) my sister will make the granola for me.

I'm going to be checking into this soon!

For more information about Midweek Munchies contact Harmonia.


Catherine said...

holy tofu, Dori, you've been busy! All of your food/garden overflow looks/sounds tasty and exciting!

I also think its cool that you are giving your kids a turn each week at meal planning and cooking. What a valuable experience! I am still thinking of a couple recipes to send to Melissa -- the sloppy lentils for sure, and what about a tofu scramble?

Dori said...

Catherine, I think she would wnjoy the lentils. A tofu scramble would be a new, but good experience for her. I will be picking up my case of tofu tommorrow (Buying CLub order comes in). Thanks.

KleoPatra said...

Wonderful post, Dori!

I love that you are so busy with everything that brings you and your family great joy. It makes me happy, too. Your kids are going to grow up to be so well-rounded in life. I love that.

I have seen that veg dog food deal at E-How... it's been a while though and i thank you for posting it!! i am lazy and just give my dog the Royal Canin Vegetarian Dog Food...

funwithyourfood said...

each week i think "what a planner. I should try that"
Still loving how put together you are


Urban Vegan said...

boy, dori. you sure get a lot done in a day.

Dori said...

Thanks for the comments. I really do get a joy reading them and getting to know "blogland" veg people.

Kleopatra, I do buy dog food and probably will continue, but I'm curious to know if our dog will et some homemade veg stuff. I am also interested in friedly dog goodies for a potential business venture. I bake vegan people food, why not vegan friend food too.

Glad you stopped by Urban Vegan, right now my days are a bit busier than normal. I have a saying for my kids, "Busy hands are happy hands!" I have to admit, some days my hands are hilarious.

Planning vibes sent for teddy.....

Freedom said...

I have The Everyday Vegan on loan from my library and I love it. My recommendation for the first thing you should make... Mexican Tortilla Triangles. These are super duper awesomely yummy.

Melody said...

Your garden bounty is wonderful... I wish I could have a garden.. I have to find a way to make that work somehow.

great menu as always!

Anonymous said...

Enjoyed a lot! » » »