Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Savory Pocket and Split Pea Soup

I still have leftover St Patty's Day (corned style seitan) roast in the frig. Some went into family member lunch boxes for sandwiches, but I am home for the day and I still have a few sheets of the phyllo dough in the frig to use up. I am getting visions of some savory roast filled phyllo pockets... hot and crispy from the oven along side of soup. Split pea soup to be more specific would seem like a great March meal.

I browsed through my cookbooks and found Bryanna's Sicilian Style Split Pea Soup (Fiber For Life cookbook). I made this last May and commented that I really enjoyed it. This soup has tomatoes in it and a little tiny bite from red cayenne pepper flakes. Perfect to go with my savory pockets. Of course I make my adaption of this soup and that is what I will post to "thebakehouse-recipes" blog page.

This Sicilean Style Split Pea Soup is appealing in the variety of colors: greens, red, orange . You can also see the whole baby carrots. I wanted alot of texture and the large onion dice along with the baby carrots achieved that goal.

AFTER THOUGHTS: I ate the savory pastry over my soup bowl because the phyllo crust flakes easily, the little flakes in my soup gave me the impression of a cracker. I did have to use 2 sheets of phyllo to offer the support each pastry needed to look appealing, one phyllo sheet was to thin for the amount of roast I used.


Michelle said...

Your pockets sound yummy. I'll be watching for the picture. I also grind our own wheat and am always looking for new ways to use the grains. My next big projects are granola bars and Biscotti.

Bryanna Grogan said...

Glad you tried the soup, Dori! That used to be a favorite of my kids when they were still at home. I'm enjoying your blog!

Dori said...

Thanks for visiting my blog Michelle!

I have made some awesome whole grain pastry flour biscotti at Christmas - VEGAN even! We loved them, cranberry pecan and lemon pistachio. I drizzled white choclate over them.

Michelle said...

Looks yummy! I have never baked with phyllo before. I am looking for something to use that is not so "bready" for pockets.