Friday, March 17, 2006

Big Beautiful Bran Muffins

Top O' the Morning to all who read this!

This post is the beginning of my very own blog. I love to cook and am especially interested in low fat vegan cooking. I wanted to give all who are wondering what is up with the "bread lady" an opportunity to see what's cooking at Dori's place.

The picture here is my breakfast this morning. It is a vegan, fat free bran muffin (click for recipe). Not only is it fat free (but moist with applesauce), it is reduced sugar but sweet with stevia herb as well as whole grain and 175 calories (2.5 weight watchers points). I ate mine with low sugar orange marmalade that I made after happening upon a great orange sale last year and coffee.


Michelle said...

I printed out this recipe and hope to make it soon. Do you have trouble getting your paper liners off? I usually make my muffins in a greased tin because I can't get the liners off.

Dori said...

Paper muffin liners stick hooribly! I use "If You Care" environmentally friendly products 100% unbleached baking cups. They are non stick... really they are! I got them through my COOP surplus table and have bought them ever since. They run about $.90 per 60 cups. The clean up time savings and the expected "normal" paper liner when taking baked goods places make it SO worth it!!