Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Rueben and Fruited Caraway Slaw

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Today's Recipe Additions : Spelt Pumpernickel Bread in the Bread Machine
Fat free Russian Dressing and Caraway fruited salad dressing

Today I am out shopping with a gal that just moved to my town a few months ago. She wants to know good places to shop, so I am going to show her my weekly haunts. We'll start with a traditional Amish store where I get all my grains, dried fruits, and nuts. Next stop is a Chinese store where English is not well spoken and the sales ads have only native language. I have been split about lunch... my dilemna is between Panera Bread, Pita Pit, and a mongolian grill buffet. She seems like more the buffet type and it will probably be friendly to her high protein diet... yeah, I frown on that too, but she is fun to converse with.

What am I eating today? I have been digging through my cookbooks looking for inspiration...sushi rolls, hmmmm.... I have never made these before yet have all the equipment to do it. Since noticing them on the fatfree vegan kitchen blog I think I can do it! I will not have the prep time today though. So instead, I lean towards German cuisine to use up the last of my corned seitan roast on Rueben's: rye bread, sauerkraut, my trial of homemade fat free Russian dressing, and a suisse-style cheese from Bryanna's Almost No Fat Cookbook. I will serve this with a caraway apple/pear slaw salad on the side (Dressing recipe link above).


I did enjoy this meal, for a change of pace.... but no part of it is something that I would add to my list of favorites, except the pumpernickel rye (spelt) bread that I made. I am posting a picture of it used for my reuben sandwich and will place the bread machine recipe for my unique loaf at the top of this post. I will be making this lovely very dark brown bread more in the future! The dressings... The russian dressing turned out acceptably well, I've never tried this kind of dressing before ... ever (more due to the fact I love balsamic vinegar dressings) and the slaw definitely needs time to sit and marinate in the dressing to pick up the flavor better. Once it marinates it is good.


Bryanna Grogan said...

Dori, where is the bakehouse recipe blog?

Dori said...

I just comleted the links to the recipe page to be accessed from this post, otherwise check for the link under "MY PROFILE". A list & link to my three blogs are there.

Michelle said...

I have printed out the bread recipe and will try it this weekend. What did you use for the "meat" of the Rueben sandwich or did you just use the vegie parts? Did I miss that?

Michelle said...

Never mind, I found it. :) You used up the last bit of your corned seitan roast. I have got to try making seitan. I have never tasted or even seen it before.

Dori said...

Bryanna Grogan ranks just below God in the best seitan roast cooking kingdom.


Here is a link to some holiday recipes she posts seasonally. I make the dough on dough cycle in my bread machine. While the dough is making (1 1/2 hours on my machine) I cook the broth in my crockpot on high and turn down to low when I put the roast dough in. I leave it cook all night and wake up to wonderful smella in the morning. Although I always pick at the roast to taste while it is hot. I usually cool and slice to store in the frig for when I want it.