Monday, March 20, 2006

Mushroom Asparagus Strudel

I purchased 2 lbs of asparagus at Sam's club this past weekend. I planted asparagus within our garden area in two spots, but one is only two years old and the other was planted last year. It takes three years before we can have a harvest of this. The first harvest year must be light because after the roots are planted it has to go to seed. I steamed the asparagus a couple of days ago and saved it for this yummy feast.

The crust is made from phyllo dough. There is a seasoned tofu filling in the inside along with the asparagus and mushrooms, the strudel is rolled up like a cinnamon roll. I sliced it for 6 servings at 2 slices each which calculates to 2.5 points, including. I served it with veggie combo (mushroom, green beans, and cauliflower) and sliced strawberries which I sweeten with stevia. The green beans and cauliflower were grown in my garden, blanched and frozen. With so many affordable fresh veggies now coming to market in March, I try to empty out my freezer and clean off the pantry shelves to prepare for the upcoming garden season.

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SusanV said...

Hi--This looks delicious! I saw your comment over on the vegan lunch box and followed it back to your blog. Looking forward to more of your recipes and ideas! ~~Susan

Dori said...

Hi Susan. Thanks for stopping by!

Anonymous said...

This looks to be a great beginning for a wonderful blog. Looking forward to seeing more. :)