Thursday, March 30, 2006

Quick Chili B**f Pie

It is a somewhat "blustery" day here, as Winnie the Pooh would call it (windy, gray, and a light rain drizzle). Since I am on a clean out the freezer/ basement shelves kick I saw that I had prepared red beans (from February, froze them in 1 1/2 cup serving size bags) in the freezer, I had a large onion beginning to grow and some bottem of the jar TVP strips (mostly crumbs) that I wanted to use up. Blustery, red beans, onions, b**fy strips .... this all adds up to chili. However, I have been drooling over tamale pies and savory corn muffins with dallops of chili in them.... which I would have tried today except I had a busy schedule out of the house this afternoon. I needed something that doesn't require so much care and I wanted it warm and ready when I get home!

This recipe comes straight out of Bryanna Clark Grogan's The Fiber For Life Cook Book (link), page 124. Although this might be considered a heartier winter meal, the chilliness of spring makes it a good choice for me today. I doubled the recipe to get 12 servings and discovered a time saving method that I'd like to share.

Picture: B**fy Mix with onions, green pepper, and garlic made with bottem of the jar soy strip crumbs. I get my soy strips from Country Life (link). Their online catalog does not list them, but if you call them they still have them.

TIME SAVING TIP: I have a cooktop that has a slow cook feature. I put together the chili base ingredients and allowed it to cook while I was gone for six hours this morning. When I came back in at lunch time my chili was at a good boil. I made up the corn dumpling batter, dalloped it on the mux, covered (while the chili mixture was at a good boil) and let cook for 12 minutes. I dished it up with a romaine salad and thinly sliced red peppers at lunch for me and my son. Then I turned the heat down to keep warm and left it covered. When I got back from my afternoon running, supper for the family was completed.

Picture of the cooked chili pie with dumpling - minus the small sample ;-) 12 servings for my family fed 4 people, including 2 men 6' and 6'4", and had leftovers for two lunches. Also a serving (a filling size) is only 6 weight watchers turnabout plan flex points or 312 calories, very little fat (I don't add oil to saute veggies) and 11.9 grams fiber.


Spice Island Vegan said...


YES, I love this 'beef' pie. In fact, the Fiber for Life cookbook is my first Bryanna cookbook. I know Bryanna through WW forum, vegetarian discussion. Then, I bought her Fiber cookbook. I marked each recipe with WW points. I love her recipes and found that I can talk to her in The rest is history.

Well, I sort of got out of WW after that and now am back again. The Fiber for Life cookbook is PERFECT for WW.


Amy O'Neill Houck said...

Mmm.. you're right--we are all in a corn and chili mood!