Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Lemon Coconut Ginger Bran Muffins

These are fat free, tender, very low in sugar, full of fiber and about 175 calories for a handful. If that hasn't scared you away yet, then let me add they are full of fresh chopped ginger, coconut, and lemon juice. Still there?

Good! I'd like to share my new muffin flavor today. I am into bran muffins for breakfast lately. I have made the basic, changed it and added pumpkin, and today I wanted to try something unique for me. It was inspired by a carrot ginger breakfast cookie recipe I saw, but was out of carrots. I did have large ginger root though and I wanted to find a way to use this up.

Seeing all the Thai flavorings in various food blogs I have been reading, especially the GINGER LEMON COCONUT FLAVOR . . . I decided that is what this weeks muffins would be, only I added a small amount of mini vegan chocolate baking chips. I like to stay away from meals that just give me alot of unrefined starches, so my morning muffin must be bran. These turned out well. I think I need to work on the flavoring a little to become a favorite. I'd love ideas on what other spices readers of my page today might use.
My recipe makes up a very large amount, 2 dozen large bakery style muffins. I use a Tupperware Thats-a-Bowl (12" wide and 8 " deep) to mix the batter.

The Recipe:

I mound the batter into the muffin liner, remember these are fat free and will stick horribly to paper liners. I use the "If you care" unbleached baking cups pictured above. They really are non-stick, really.

This is the end product. See the picture above, they made the perfect bakery style crown. I lightly oil my muffin pan (for ease of cleaning), but not the baking liners. The liners just fall off if they are oiled, but come off easily when you want them to without it. I picked up my commercial muffin pan at a commercial restaurant store for $24. I really like it and use it in my home oven all the time. I like the way my pan gives the BIG bakery feel to my muffin.

I take them out of the pan almost immediatey to cool on a wire rack. Well, all but one and that is what I eat immediately... after I track the points in my food log (weight conscious here). I also freeze them what I cannot eat within three days and always keep what is not frozen in the refrigerator. ENJOY!!!


Amy O'Neill Houck said...

Mmmm... the muffins sound awesome--i love the coconut flavor idea!

Michelle said...

These look yummy and I would make them tomorrow, but I don't have any Tofu. :( I knew I should have bought some tonight. I have at least one daughter that loves muffins and I think she would love these.

Spice Island Vegan said...

Hi Dori,

These looks yummy! Only 3 points yeah! I would like to try it this weekend. Those would be a good breakfast for me. I have been buying Zen muffins from Whole Foods.

What do you think about cinnamon or mace in muffins? Maybe not with ginger and coconut, huh? Lol!


Dori said...

SIV - I gave these considerable lemon flavor, I liked the slight punch of the ginger, the cocnut gave a wonderful texture..... and I discovered that these stay with me longer so I didn't feeling hungry within a couple of hours like I did with my first bran muffin post. (I think the little bit of fat from the coconut and the kokobits along with the extra protein from the tofu helped this.

I have had mace before in a peach pie. I prefer nutmeg more. Cinnamon, maybe the previous bran muffin recipe I made used 2 Tbsp for 24 muffins and it wasn't overwhelming

Although I haven't developed a palate that distinguishes between good and bad for Thai flavoring yet (this is all new combinations for me)... I think that something is needed to combine with the lemon and balance the ginger.

I have had cardamom before and I really like it.... I am thinking that maybe a good Tbsp or 2 of this will do the trick. I'm going to try a muffin with some cardamom spread and see if that does the trick for me. Or maybe a fair amount of garam masala, that would be wild.... guess I'll play around with spread flavorings to decide.

Spice Island Vegan said...


Garam masala? LOL! You are wild! Don't know about garam masala in muffins! That would be Indian muffins.

I posted a question in your recipe blog but I guess you haven't seen it. My question was that I only have toasted wheat bran instead of raw would that work, do you think?


Dori said...

SIV - I just got back in from shopping and found your question. I've never had toasted wheat bran...I guess as long as it's bran? My package of bran simply says "wheat bran", it very well could be toasted... I don't know. I say "raw" because a person once confused wheat bran to be the commercially packaged cereal.

Bryanna Grogan said...

Great combo, Dori! have you seen that low-fat grated coconut? I got some today at my health food store-- says some of the fat is steam-extracted and it's 36% lower in fat than regular coconut.

AAbout balancing flavors-- in baking, the flavor of lemon juice can dissipate-- but adding some lemon zest really lifts the lemon flavor.

Dori said...

I haven't seen the lower fat shredded coconut yet. I'll get some when I do. Thanks for the tip.

Bryanna Grogan said...

Didn't like the lite coconut! Dry and kinda tasteless, unless you really chew on it. And, looking at the nutrition facts, it's not really that much of a difference.

30 g. of "Lets Do...Organic Unsweetened Coconut Lite" (1/2 cup) contains 142 calories, 12 g fat. (This company has some great products, BTW.)

28 g of ordinary unsweetened grated desiccated coconut contains 153 calories and 18 g fat-- not bad if you spreading it out among 8 pieces of cake or 12 muffins, or soemthing like that.