Saturday, March 18, 2006

Onion Curry Relish

Today I have been busy in the kitchen canning onion curry relish, a recipe I got from the book SUMMER IN A JAR: MAKING PICKLES, JAMS, & MORE by Andrea Chesman (p. 76). Last month I was at Sam's Club and purchased a 50 lb bag of huge sweet onions at an excellent price. I couldn't resist the deal and came home looking for numerous ways to use them. This relish is one of the ways. I made some in August 2004 and used the last jar today.

This onion curry relish is beautiful as well as tastey, as you can see from the picture above. I ate this with tofu feta cheese (homemade from a Bryanna clark Grogan cookbook) on triscuit whole grain crackers. I was thinking that it would be nice served on the side of a dish of brown rice with seitan or tofu chik'n brests, we also enjoy it on sandwiches. I doubled the recipe and replaced the sugar in the recipe with KAL brand stevia extract powder. Becuase my onions and red/green peppers were so juicy I dissolved 1/4 C cornstarch to 1/3 C cold water and cooked it into my relish until thickened (like a syrup). I made a note in my cookbook that I also did this in 2004.

I really like this book because the recipes allow me to make a pint or quart of something to try instead of huge batches. All the recipes are for use with a steamer canner or hotwater bath.

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