Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Seitan Roast

This is my Easter roast still in the crockpot. Below I put the roast onto a plate. Seitan roasts are awesome and easy, especially if you have a bread machine (or electric mixer) and a crockpot. When the seitan roast dough is prepared with the long mix and rest method that a dough cycle in the bread machine can provide, they get "stringy" texture. The slow cooker works well for me when I don't have the time to soak my claycooker. I think all BryannaClark Grogan "groupies" now own clay pot cookers to make their roast in, thanks to a guy in Denmark who happens to have an apartment very near a kitchen store. The clay cooker seems to be the way to make a roast that has a superior quality that cannot be imitated by other cooking methods.

VEGAN "TURKEY" SEITAN ROAST (link to a roast recipe)

The recipe link above is only one flavor variation that Bryanna has. I have been a charter subscriber of The Vegan Feast, her newsletter, since it's beginning. Typically a new flavor variation or awesome way to serve the seitan roast is presented in each newsletter. It's great and gets my creativeness flowing!

My personal favorite seitan flavoring is KEILBASA. I have made this type of seitan in a roast form and in long log, bun style logs (see picture of the finished logs that I cooked in my clay pot). I have sliced this roast and all of the tofu/ gluten roasts deli style in a kitchen meat slicer and they came out wonderfully. These also freezed well, which I do in small batches so that I can take a package out when I want sandwiches, sos (stuff on a shingle), or just a handful of "meat" to munch on.

I have been shocked at the cost of commercial seitan. When I have seen this stuff at the food coop store I occassionally visit I always think I would starve or go broke if I had to do it that way. I have purchased commercially prepared vegan lunchmeat slices and they don't compare for my tastes. When I do buy them, thay always leave me hankering for my own. OH - which reminds me I purchased some Lightlife vegan sandwich meat clices... PASTRAMI last week when I was out shopping on Thursday afternoon. It was an impulse but and on sale for $1.79/ pkg. It wasn't bad and tided me over until I cooked up my Easter roast.


Spice Island Vegan said...

Hi Dori,

Lovely! I made the Soy and Seitan 'Pork Tenderloin' with Garlic and Herb crust for Easter.

The guy actually lives in Denmark and not Switzerland. Yes, he started this whole thing with claypot cooker.


Dori said...

Of course... I couldn't remember the country for sure, but now that you say that, my mind clicks. I'm going to chnage this in my blog entry and republish.

Michelle said...

This is making me hungry. :-D It all looks lovely.

Michelle said...

I forgot to ask where do you get a clay pot?

Dori said...

Michelle, I have three claypots. One from a consignment store, one from a household auction, and one from a kitchen specialty store. My pots are different sizes and different brands. One has a shiny bottom, but I find that they all cook the same.

Vicki said...

We also like the Lightlife sandwich meats, but it doesn't sound or look nearly as good as what you have here. I've got to pick up a claypot...and some more tips from you.

Hey, I made your Spring Rolls the other night and did a post + link. They turned out really yummy. What's for dinner tomorrow?!

Vicki said...

OK, then. I'll put a new item on my mental list of things to look for at garage sales & consignment shops -- a crockpot. I got rid of ours years ago thinking it was only for meat.

Dori said...

Vicki - I know what you mean...when I went vegan I also got rid of several cooking equipment, like a stone deep dish chicago pizza pan. I didn't know then that vegans eat GREAT pizza! I've never seen one since quite like it.

PrimaryConsumer... looking forward to seeing your workshop. I used to call my kitchen my lab.