Saturday, April 29, 2006

Peach Porridge & Mocha Granita with oats

Here is a picture of snipped dried peaches and a jar of irish cut oats (aka steel cut oats) on the right and a porridge/ peach nutmeg pudding using the oats that we enjoy. I put this in one cup containers in the frig and it is a fast snack grab. DH likes to warm these up and top with tofuuti ice cream, he says it reminds him of a peach pie. The dried peaches are VERY flavorful, when cooked.
I make this on the low setting of my stovetop (slow cook feature). I start with 1 - 12 oz package of dried peaches, chop them and add to a pan with 2 cups water and bring to a boil and cook for 5 minutes, turn down heat and turn on stovetop slow cook option at the lowest setting. Add 1 1/2 Cups oats, 6 cups water, 1/2 tsp sea salt, 1-2 tsp nutmeg, and stevia or sweetener to taste. I typically add 1/3 - 1/2 tsp KAL extract powder which is the equal to cups vs. teaspoon. I typically allow this to slow cook overnight, otherwise stell cut oats take about 45 minutes to absorb the cooking water... I use more water than typical for this recipe because I wanted a softer pudding style result. My stove top feature cooks at a lower temperature than a common low setting on a slow cooker. I have heard of rice makers that have porridge settings. I taste it and adjust sweetener before I eat it. This yields a breakfast bowl full for me in the morning and 6 - 1 cup servings for later.

This is a yummy coffee smoothie I had this morning. In a Magic Bullet cup place 1/4 C water and 2 Tbsp flax meal, blend until thickened. Then fill 3/4 full with ice cubes, 1 scoop of protein powder (soy, or rice, or hemp - you choose), stevia to sweeten, 2 Tbsp expresso powder (instant), 1/4 tsp cardamom, and water to fill 3/4" from the top. Blend until smooth. This has a very strong coffee flavor, which I like and it is a nice change of pace from hot coffee in the summer. I enjoyed this with a bowl of cocoa oatmeal.

I buy dark cocoa powder in the bulk section of a food store I like to visit, this has a robust chocolate flavor meant only for serious dark chocolate lovers (like me). I placed 1/2 C rolled oats in a bowl, added 1/4 tsp salt, 1 Tbsp dark cocoa powder, 1 C water and sweetener to taste (I use stevia). Micro cook 2 minutes, watch to ensure no boil over occurs. Allow it to sit for 5 minutes before serving if you like a firm oatmeal. I put some of my coffee granita on top of this before eating. It was heavenly. I completed my meal with a nice red organic apple.

I will be posting my tomato soup recipe Monday by request of Catharine, the Food Snob. I enjoy when my blog has visitors, thanks for commenting. I hope to get in a picture of some quinoa/brown rice sushi (which means vinegared rice) rolls that I hope to make this weekend. My oldest sister fell in California where she was doing contract work last week and broke her arm. She went in for emergency surgery at that time and now is coming home to re-cooperate. I will be picking her up from the airport tonight. Mend quick vibes for my sis!


KaiVegan said...

Hi, Dori.
"Champorado" (chocolate rice pudding) is a popular breakfast in the Philippines. I was never too crazy for it, but thought that the kids might enjoy something similar, so we came up with "chocolate oatmeal". Glad to hear of someone else who eats oatmeal with cocoa!

KaiVegan said...

btw, I just added you to my blog list...

Catherine said...

That chocolate oatmeal sound fabulous! I'm a bit hungry now, so I might head into the kitchen and whip that up!
Looking forward to the soup recipe! Thanks for the shout out.
Hope your sister will recover quickly!
Has your kitty returned yet?

Linda said...

Mmmm, Dori, that peach oatmeal sounds yummy! I love the idea of dried peaches. I bet the concentrated nature makes it really intense!
This sounds like a yummy dessert, sort of like rice pudding! Is it good cold?

I see you like the powdered KAL stevia :). I like it too. I use the liquid drops, but am favoring the powder now. I had to get used to it, though;it's much more potent than the drops. :)

Dori said...

Hi Kaivegan, I didn't realize my breakfast has an international flair. You are on my blog reads list also.

Catherine, hope you enjoyed chocolate oatmeal. No kitty :(

Linda, I am glad you stopped by. We do eat this both cold and warmed up, DH likes it best warmed (me either way).