Sunday, April 09, 2006

The Prom Table

My son just went to his junior year prom. We do homeschool, but dual en-roll so that he can take a class or two, enroll for extra curricular activities, and participate in school functions - such as prom. We met another family that had similar dating values, so both of our families (all of us... not just the prom couple) enjoyed a fun evening before sending the lovely couple out the door to enjoy an "Evening in Hollywood".

We decided to eat in and make a lovely time for our kids at home and by putting our skill and $$ to use, which ended as an elegant spring dinner in our home for much less than a restaurant and had a very fun time.

This is a picture of the table my daughter set up for the elegant prom goers. The rest of us (parents and siblings) sat at our table dressed with a similar spring theme. I discovered this is one of the memorable events in which a parent begins to see that their babies are growing up. I am glad that such formal occassions can allow us the opportunity to make the break slowly. My son was a little shocked at the cost of dressing for success, lucky for him mom and sis enjoys entertaining with food and flair to save him a bit on the costs of "formal affairs".

I wish I had pictures of the food for my food blog, but after all the pictures of the kids and prom events my camera batteries died. I will tell you what was served though....
Stuffed portbella mushrooms, steamed asparagus with hollandaise sauce, roasted mixed veggies (cauliflour, brussel sprouts, carrots, celery, bell peppers), roasted rosemary potatoes, chicken for the meat eaters and mushrooms for the non meat eaters, and mini red velvet bundt cakes. After our dinner DH and I were invited to a local live play, which was a perfect ending to a lovely evening for us. Later with coffee and as a dessert I had a fudge style genisoy bar.

INTERESTING FIND... Check this out orange cauliflour - really, it was purchased this way! The picture makes it look a little less orange than it really was. The color of this head was truly as orange as the orangiest part of this picture.... is orangiest a real word?

Happy Spring! I'm looking forward to getting out my Easter recipes soon! Potatoes will get to be planted in my area very soon (yeah!).


Harmonia said...

Lovely pics!

Michelle said...

That is so sweet. I'll have to keep this in mind. We also homeschool, but my children are a little younger than yours. :)

Love roasted vegies!

primaryconsumer said...

Love your blog! Do you mind if I add you as a link?

I'm homeschooled too, but my school district won't allow a dual enrollment. They make it as hard as possible for homeschoolers. :(

I actually have seen orange cauliflower before, and I've bought purple cauliflower before, too.

Spice Island Vegan said...


What a lovely set up and menu! Wow, your son is a lucky guy! Too bad the camera batteries died. Is the velvet cake vegan?

About the orange cauliflower, YES, I found it at Whole Foods too and bought it. Isn't that strange? There was a purple cauliflower too when I bought the orange one.


Dori said...

SIV, the velvet cake was brought by the prom date's mom. She made it from a box mix I think and it was not vegan. The kids were so full from the meal that they didn't touch the cake, but it sure looked pretty.