Wednesday, September 20, 2006

soup bread wraps and a sad dog

We have had our first frost here, which means we have harvested the last of our tomatoes from the garden. Although I have a tomato soup recipe that I absolutely adore (recipe here), I tried Dreena's roasted tomato soup. It is good and nice for a change. A little work with the roasting time involved. I think I prefer my previous tomato soup better, link above.

I also made "Brian's Bread". Bryanna (see Vegan Feast link on my sidebar) husband bakes bread for customers. This bread has oatmeal and whole grain flour in it. He uses a method in which the oven is on at 500 degrees when the bread is added, when bread goes in spray with a mister bottle, and bake for 5 minutes. Turn heat down to 350 degrees and bake for18-20 minutes more. I have never tried this before, but now I have been baking it this way with all of the breads I have made in the past two weeks. I love the crackle. If you notice my bread pictures, the end of one loaf is never there. I am a hopeless bread lover,I can't help myself... I cut the end off of one loaf as soon as the bread comes out of the oven to eat it.

Another new thing I tried this week is Dreena's zucchini pepper pizza from the Everyday Vegan cookbook. I added a bit a frozen Gruyere cheese (a Bryanna subscription recipe) for the family, I prefer mine without cheese usually. The zucchini pepper stir fry combo was the best! I really enjoyed this meal.

Here's a lunchbox. A wonderful wrap told about above, Newman's pretzel's and pineapple. I have many pictures of lunchboxes taken this week, but I'll have to wait for this weekend to get the best ones blogged. Matt will be home Friday and I will be able to get a pix of his Renaissance costume. He purchased a hat this year and a wooden sword to go with his costume. Gradually he increases his costume, perhaps some year he will find a fair maiden to make his mama happy with. :) Okay, I might want him to be happy with her too.
Pup looks a little on edge here. She says she would like the cats/ kittens adopted soon because they are cramping her style.
The pregnant cat Sophie has now taken a spare room that pup used to enjoy for a short while , Pup is :(

We are trying to cheer her with extra attention, but she's not quite comfortable with the intrusion. However, she is a very mild tempered pup and never gets aggressive. My week is going well, keeps me a little busier than I have been since I am away from home during the days. I can't say a whole lot about it on my blog. One unfortunate event was that I experienced a bomb threat and saw policy and preparedness plan in action. Nothing happened and it was a low level threat, but precautions had to be taken anyway.

Matt called this evening and said he got a 50% on a test (oh no!), but was allowed to retake it today and got an 85%. I probably should help him out with a few study skills this weekend.


EatPeacePlease said...

Dori, that's nice that Matt can come back for the weekend and you can help him out with his studies. And poor Pup, she does look sad but in a cute way, "cramping her style" ha ha! All that homemade bread looks amazing.

EatPeacePlease said...

I was just talking "about the weather" and mentioned that you over in Iowa mentioned having your first frost! I laughed because it's supposed to be 98 degrees here tomorrow and it has been that and higher, although a minute ago I threw on a longer sleeve type shirt (it's probably a wimpy 60-70something, but late at night). I do miss SEASONS. They really show through your blog and I like it. I just had to comment on the frost since I haven't seen any in 7 years.

Anonymous said...

A bomb threat?! Oh, my...I'm glad you're okay.

I miss the seasons too (except snow - don't miss snow).

Carrie™ said...

A bomb threat!? That's scary. Good thing it was bogus.
You've had frost? We haven't yet. Woke up this morning and it was 8C (46F). I love those crisp mornings. You're killing me with the bread pictures. I love home made bread and like you, eat the end off right away! Yummers!

Gaia said...

Bomb threat ! Wow, you must have been stressed ! I am so happy that nothing happened :))))))

I received Bryanna's Vegan Feast cd yesterday ! and will look for that Gruyere Cheese ! Will I be able to make my French Onion Soup again ????? That would be too cool :))

A big kiss to Pup !

Nikki said...

The end of the bread is my favorite part! :) You can always tell when I've baked something because there's usually a little edge or something missing! I knew there was someone else out there who did the same thing. The food looks lovely as usual. Pup is so cute, she looks so forlorn. I know that look all too well--Sammy gets like that when he can't have his way.

The bomb threat sounds scary! I've been through several of them myself. Glad everything's okay.

Can't wait to see pics of Matt's costume. Hopefully your help will help him out on his next test.

theONLYtania said...

That is a ton of bread you made! Do you freeze that or just eat lots? I love the lunchbox pictures :-D About the test.. college stinks >.<

Jennifer C. said...

I always eat the end of the bread right out of the oven too. Nothing compares to the freshly baked goodness.

Pup is so cute. I'm sorry she's sad. :( Sounds like you are doing what you can for her and I'm sure she'll perk back up once she is able to get her space back.

That's terrible there was a bomb threat. Sometimes I just can't understand the insanity that surrounds us...makes me want to go hide somewhere.

Melody said...

aww.. your poor dog.. it has to be hard to share his home...

It's good he's not aggressive..

Urban Vegan said...

The first frost makes ME sad. :(

Poor puppy. Maybe some of your wonderful vittles will gfall ont the floor and cheer him up.

Bryanna said...

Brian is very pleasantly surprised that you're using his baking method! I love the end of the bread, too. We always called it the "heel". Brian, who is not french-Canadian, but who grew up in Quebec and is bilingual, is always getting teased about the way he fractures English coloquialisms and cliches. he always calls it the "shoe"!
Cheers! Bryanna

Anonymous said...

It sounds like you've been quite busy but in a very good way. Poor pup. Those sad doggy eyes just melt my heart. The bread looks wonderful. I found a bulk buying club and am really excited but the only white wheat I can get is from King Arthur (I can buy a case of 5 lb bags). It's not the best price but at least it's something. Do you think this would be good flour?

Vicki said...

Cheer up, Pup -- it's hard to see your long doggie-face. :o) Way to go, Matt, bringing up your test score and looking forward to your Renaissance costume! How'd it go w/Melissa's first degree? And I'm the same way with homebaked bread, Dori. :o)

G said...

GReat post, thanks for sharing all the food photos, everything looks yummy.

Tell your doggie to cheer up!!!What a cutie.


Crystal & Ryan - Café Cyan said...

Look at Pup - she looks so on edge! I feel for her :(

I'm craving Newman's spelt pretzels - yum! Who am I kidding...I'm just craving food in general!

Have a great weekend - will it be rainy for you too?


JAM*tacular said...

Aw, poor super pooch :: rubs the doggie bellie :: Hang in there!

:) Mikaela

madeinalaska said...

poor pup... my BIG dog displayed quite the displayed baby attitude when we adopted our adult kitty.. he got over it..
LOVE The bread!!

KleoPatra said...

Way to go, Matt, on the test re-take! Glad he got to come home for a bit as well to get everything he needs (like that motherly love) from you for the weekend.

Aw, Pup! She wants her place back... her placeS, i should say (or write), right? It's hard to share sometimes, even for dogs... That look of hers is so forlorn. Hope the kitties will get adopted, not just for her sake but for the kitties' sake.

A bomb threat? Oh, that is not good. What is going on in this world?

GREAT food, as per usual, Dori. Thank you for sharing the lovely pix there. The pizza is makin' me smile!

Anonymous said...

Sad doggy eyes get me every time. :( cherie