Friday, September 15, 2006

Super No Bake Cookies

I won't explain. I'm just going to say she takes after her mama.
(Homecoming week at the public school, school spirit dress up day).

So why would I claim super powers? Because my husband says I am fabulous, marvelous, and absolutely the best thing that has ever happened to him. Why would he say such a thing? Because I veg'd his childhood favorite sugary, fatty no bake cookies.

Drumroll and recipe please:

1/2 C Earth Balance Stick
1/2 C soymilk (Ooops I forgot to type this in on the first publish)
1 C organic sucanat sugar
1/2 C white beet sugar or ant granulated sugar
1/2 C Sunspire vegan chocolate chips to carob chips
1/4 C carob or cocoa powder
1/2 C nut butter
1/2 tsp salt
1 tsp vanilla
3 cups quick cook oatmeal

Lay out a piece of parchment paper to set cookies on. Melt the earth balance and add remaining ingredients except the oatmeal. Bring mixture to a boil. Boil exactly one minute (use timer) and stir in oatmeal. Drop by spoonfuls onto parchment paper. Allow to cool and they will set. NOTE: You could just add 2 cups of sugar instead of the sucanat, white beet sugar, and chips - that is the way the original recipe was written.

What else have we been eating?
Dreena Recipes

Spicy Thai Stew and Carrot Zucchini Crumb Casserole. I loved the soup, it has a little bite, but we weren't to big on the casserole (read: I had ate it for several days and froze the leftovers.)

What goes in a lunch?
The infamous peanut butter and jelly sandwich, raspberries (homegrown with a sprinkle of Florida crystals, and those most unhealthy, but easy cookies above.


G said...

Your daughter looks so cool....I will be checking the skies for flying SUPERGIRL!!!!

Have a great weekend, G

Kaji's Mom said...

I looove the no bake cookies! Glad to see they can be veganized, I always bake alot at christmas and I intend to show my (very meat friendly) family that vegan cookies are just as tasty as nonvegan!

Nikki said...

Those cookies were my favorites too! My mom would sneak in extra peanut butter to feed my addiction... :)

Question, could you substitute something for beet sugar? I have never been able to find it... Date sugar? Sucanat?

Nikki said...

Oh and I *love* the costume! She looks awesome! (the boots ROCK!)

Crystal & Ryan - Café Cyan said...

That is a great costume! That's awesome :)

I tried stevia drops (orange flavored) yesterday for the first time. Added to to my water and it was pretty good.


KleoPatra said...

I have to agree with hubs and Melissa there! That's a great photo, she looks ready to take on the world!

Love the no-bake cookies, wow! Way to veganize those, Dori. Ya know, i actually might try to make these! But i am a fan of both oatmeal and carob and i'm not the best at making cookies that go in the oven.

That stew looks stewpendous. I like a little bite in Thai food. It looks beautiful, i have to say.

I use Florida Crystals as well! Mmmmmmmm... raspberries!!!

You ARE super, woman!!

Shananigans said...

Super girl! Love the costume, I have a similar superman t-shirt that I like to wear to the gym. Make me feel really tough when I’m doing my bench presses and bicep curls, grrr LOL.

Thanks for the veganized no-bake cookies! I love them, but don’t really make them anymore due to the unhealthy factor. I wonder if I could sweeten with xylitol instead of the sugar? That would almost make them healthy, especially if I use carob instead of chocolate chips. Might have to give these a try for game time munchies tomorrow.

That soup reminds me of a Tai Curry soup they served at the restaurant I used to be a manager at, Noodles & Co. I wasn’t a big fan of it, I love curry but I just didn’t think it worked as a soup.

Those jellies and pear butter sound awesome. I bet pear butter would be great on some sweet challa bread.

Dori said...

Question, could you substitute something for beet sugar? I have never been able to find it... Date sugar? Sucanat?

Hi Nikki,
yes, you could sub any granulated sugar for the beet sugar or also 1:1 ratio for the sucanat/carob chip/ beet suagr combo for that matter. The original recipe says 2 cups sugar.... I combined sucanat, white sugar, and the carob chips simply because it was what I had on hand (also I didn't want the cookies to have to much of a sucanat/molasses flavor... I was trying to tone that down with the combination but I only had 1/2 cup of white sugar and I had to empty out Dave's coffee sugar container to get that. The carob chips were a last moment idea throw in.

EatPeacePlease said...

This is the best thing ever: no bake cookies! Thanks for the recipe, you know I'll be using it.

That soup looks awesome.

Jennifer C. said...

Sorry you didn't like the Carrot Zucchini Crumb Casserole after I recommended it in one of my posts. I might have changed it somehow that I forgot about. I'm always messing with recipes and never write anything down. My husband always jokes that he never gets any repeats for dinner because even when I TRY to duplicate something I never can because I don't know what I did the last time I made it. Oh well...

laura jesser said...

Dori, thanks for veganizing those cookies! My mom used to make those too! Love the costume--I remember silly theme days for homecoming week (my favorite was pajama day... mmmm).

Anonymous said...

That recipe sounds fabulous - in all it's unhealthy glory.

Ok, so I blew up the photo to get a better look at your daughter. She rocks! That is such a cool costume. I'm very impressed. I especially like the red boots.

Ok, also - about the photo... I think the macrame double plant holder is too cool. I've seen one before but never two. And is that an old family photo on the wall? One of my fav things about blogging is seeing everyone's houses and where they live and hang out. I swear though - I'm not a creepy peeping tom.

erica said...

Hi there-
Sori, I haven't commented before. I love your blog, all the canning reminds me of my mom, who doesn't do it much anymore (but did teach me how).

Don't use zylitol in large amounts, it'll give you the runs big time! I learned the hard way, but it does have a warning on the package to "use as directed", which is in small amounts such as in coffee or tea.

Dori - your daughter looks so badass, I think it's more the countenance than the outfit, though.

erica said...

oops - I meant Dori, not Sori. Dangit.

EatPeacePlease said...

Oh yeah, I was gonna say something about that double-plant holder. Love it. I guess I got too hung up over the no bakes! I have never seen a double on like Crystal too, but it could easily be made. I have a bunch of "singles" around the house.

Dori said...

I like the plant holder also, a relative of mine made it. Leslie, I know you are hand crafty. Have you ever got into macrame?

Yes, VV that is a family picure on the wall and a rocking chair in front of the plant holder. You are welcome to a sneak peak of my home. :) If I could magically change something about my back door it would be to put one in with a large glass window.... another day though, we've got to many finance hungry projects going on at the bakehouse right now.

theONLYtania said...

Superwoman.. I love it!

Those no-bake cookies are tempting.. aside from the fact that they are ridiculously sugary and fatty.. no-bake means I could try to make them here in my room without going down to the kitchen! Signing out the kitchen key is such a hassle.. Hmmm...

Kate said...

Wow the cookies look like somthing I could use to convert even the thoughest critic to veganism (I have a few specific people in mind). I love the fact the the raspberries are homegrown, I wish I had a garden like you.

Anonymous said...

Cool costume. No Bake cookies are my daughter's favorite. Those are definitely something she will eat -- thanks for veganizing it!

Urban Vegan said...

Ditto what your husband thinks! I used to make these cookies with my sister when I was growing up--and seeing them here brought back a wave of nastalgic feelings.

Thanks for the vegan version, SuperVegan.

EatPeacePlease said...

Never got into macrame. I can only do one stitch with hemp and weave some beads.

I'm glad I didn't jump up and make those cookies, minus soymilk. Thanks for the correction, I'm making them soon.

Jackie said...

A real Super Girl :)

Thanks for the no bake cookie recipe. It is great to have something simple to make but so delicious.

Emmy said...

The cookies sound great and look yummy! Thanks for sharing the recipe :) Love the supergirl costume your daughter is wearing.

Broke Vegan said...

Everything looks delish!! :) I might have to try those cookies! and, I LOVE the costume!

Anonymous said...

Awwe, so sweet of you to make those cookies! They sound really good. We are limiting our desserts to one every 2 weeks, but these are tempting. Cherie

The Bovine Revolutionary said...

The SuperVegan .. SuperMelissa.. cool outfit!!

in btw, I was at the farm sanctuary today.. yooooohuuuuuuu.... it was so much fun.. and I finally got to see my kids too :-D