Thursday, September 07, 2006


KITTEN UPDATE: I am really into being a foster meow-mie and decided to start a blog for them. It may generate some interest in fostering animals in need within our county. If you'd like a report on the felines we are fostering check them out at:
MELISSA'S LUNCH: TLC whole grain crackers**, salsa that we canned, a few good quality kalamata olives, and Dreena Cookies from the Everyday Vegan a basic chocolate chip but they use more oat flour and very little refined flour. They have a bit more crunch than the homestyle cookies in Vive le Vegan. Either one is excellent, but I think this one is more nutritious. I can't believe I am saying this but there really is some nutrition here - I decided to have a couple of these for breakfast and didn't feel bad about it at all. The only thing I felt bad about is that we eat them so fast here and supply does not equal demand. We have also discovered that Melissa is a cookie perfectionist. All her cookies are beautiful and she poses here with them in the same.

**I personally prefer corn chips with my salsa, for some reason Melissa prefers crackers with salsa for her lunch (heartier maybe).

I'd have to say that this has been and is continuing to be a Dreena week. What we have made thus far...
Post your guess to what these Vivie Le Vegan Dreena dishes are in the comments box. I'll betcha can't guess them all four right. Winners will get a free kitten of their choice in seven weeks.... okay, not really. But I'll give the winner a great big happy shout out in my next post. :) Perhaps next time I do something like this the winner may get to name a kitten. :o). Hey .. the next generation of virtual pet! (she says wild with ideas, but now finally signing off).


Crystal & Ryan - Café Cyan said...

Wow - crackers and salsa...not a bad idea, but I also prefer corn chips.

I do not have Dreena's book yet (I'll probably have it in 5 days on my birthday!) so, I'd be no good at guessing the meals. Good luck to others out there!


EatPeacePlease said...

1. Celebrity Bean and Rice Cakes, modified
2. Sunny Southwestern Squash Pizzas
3. Last Minute Taco Filling (or) Kamut Bean Stew
4. Quinoa Spring Salad, modified

Did I hog up the answers?!

Dori said...

Leslie, you are a real Dreena cookbook junkie. lol! 3 of 4 correct. #3 remains a mystery.

Dori said...

Oh - the celebrity bean and rice cakes (#1) are not modified. They are even topped with Dreena's recommended yellow pepper sauce.

Observant eye caught the modified quinoa salad though.

primaryconsumer said...

Hmm, my guesses were the same as lelsie's, except for #3.

1. Celebrity Adzuki Bean and Rice Cakes (I even knew it was topped with Roasted Yellow Pepper Sauce)
2.Sunny Southwestern Squash Pizzas
3.Earthy Lentil Soup
4.Quinoa Spring Salad

Johanna3 said...

too late for me!
but i say the same that primaryconsumer say and that #4 is Modified. your girl really love the cookies. and anothe theme hows Matthew? better?

Dori said...

Veronica... yes you are right with Leslie, but still not correct with #3. I've gotta try that lentilsoup sometime.

#3 remains a mystery! (Hint: Vicki, maybe you can help here... you are the only one that I have seen make the #3 dish. you made it when you made the quinoa salad.)

Jahanna... loves the cookies, yes she does. Matthew's skin is clearing up some this week. He needs to keep soaking the foot as the infection is not totally gone.

Melody said...

Well, I have no idea which dishes they are... but they look great. Number 3 looks like a mushroom/barley type thing from here. but who knows? Looks great!

Go Melissa with her cookies!

Kaji's Mom said...

Is #3 Molasses baked beans?

Anonymous said...

not easy this one #3 lol!

KleoPatra said...

They all look great, whatever they are!! I guess Dreena can't come in and guess 'em, 'eh?

I still can't get over the fostering story, Dori, and what you are doing. You are so amazing!

TLC crackers are my favorite favorite favorite and like Melissa (great outfit she is wearing, btw, very nice! and i smiled at her pose of perfection with the perfect cookies), i prefer salsa with crackers also!

Cookies for breakfast, Dori, you are a woman afte my own heart!


Urban Vegan said...

I can't play--I'm the only vegan in th eworld without this book--but they sure look tasty.

Hugs to the >^..^< s

EatPeacePlease said...

Oh yeah, Molasses Baked Beans! Page 96!!!

Yes, I practically have all Vive and VwaV non-oven recipes memorized. The rest (the oven ones) I just know really well. I read reference books and cookbooks for fun all the time.

Anonymous said...

Guess I was a little late here to chime in. Oh well.

I've looked up all the books I want to get at the library and they don't have any of them. :( It's a small town and so I checked the entire county. Nope. Still no luck. If I still have allowance leftover at the end of the month, I'm going to buy the bread book you recommended. If there's one thing I want to learn to do right, it's make whole wheat bread. I'm also still looking for a good source for the white wheat bread. Which has got me thinking about starting my own co-op. I'm not even sure how I would go about starting a co-op but I'm going to research it.

Anonymous said...

The third one is definitely the baked beans! I don't know about the others...Everything looks great. I'm jealous that you have so many kittens to take care of. We saw some at a pet store in Texas that the Humane Society people had brought in (or else they would have been killed; how "humane"), and I wanted them! I instead gave a donation. Oh, well. Cherie

Dori said...

Cherie, I probably would have done the donation thing to, but these just happened to be knocking on my door begging for help.

Thanks for makingmy day fun guessers!