Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Movie, genisoy, and corn!

What is this?

A picture of four Harvey family hands holding their INCONVENIENT TRUTH movie tickets in front of the movie poster image last night. We went, we saw, and we had a quiet ride home.

Vicki at the Veg Family blog has started a new blog called World Warming. She inspired my interest in seeing the movie and continues to talk about what we can do to help stop this horrible increasing CO2 and warming trend. Right now my mind spins to fast with thoughts about this subject that I need to wait before I can say much more on the subject.... except that I did carry my Natural COOP white cotton bags into the store with me last night to carry out my grocery goods. I will now purchase energy saving lightbulbs. I will no longer believe that the "crazy liberal environmentalists" are truly interested in owls, it is about the impact on our environment that the forest land has or regretably does not have in the worst case scenario. *** big sigh... continuing to thoughtfully "chew" on this matter****
While I'm chewing I had an interesting thing happen. Several weeks ago while I was away for a class, I mentioned that I purchased Genisoy chips, deep sea salted. Kaysi of the Genisoy company posted a comment on my blog and said that she enjoyed reading my blog and that if I desire to e' here with my addy then she'd be happy to send me some coupons. I did and she did too. Here they are. I have about 12 coupons worth approximately $80 worth of totally free genisoy products ranging from soy protein powder, protein bars, trail mix, etc.

I also have to brag a little about this company. Awhile ago I was teaching a soy product and cooking class through our district community college continuing education program. I called several companies asking for information and many also sent product samples for use during my demonstration classes. Genisoy was MOST GENEROUS for this and sent a large packae with a variety of full size products. These were very helpful in offering free literature for the health education portion of the class. Many of my class participants were diabetic or menopausal looking and the literature they sent addressed these issues very well. The free samples, which were large full size portions of their various products were very much enjoyed. Although not ALL of their products are vegan ... many, many are.

While shopping or going out for a day with the kids I often stick a genisoy protein bars in my purse. These are convenient and there is no need for me to feel deprived if no other food choices are available. I love deep sea saltd and roasted garlic genisoy chips when I need a convienient protein choice.

And last but not least I am so happy to report our first planting of corn has been harvested and well enjoyed. YUM! Our tomatoes are finally starting to turn red so we can really begin to enjoy. I have canned various types of pickles... one that I really look forward to sharing with you! Ginger garlic pickles reminds me of the pickled ginger that is ofetn served with sushi, but I jarred with adding some onions, carrots, and cucumbers.

I'll be busy the next couple of days watching my cousin's little boy. He is 18 months old and a very active, so I might not get time to blog while he is here. I am also sewing an olive green "camp shirt" ... my first ever. I also have ten days to complete it, so I better get back to it to get as much done as I can today.


Catherine said...

Dori, way to go, taking your kids to see that movie!

Have so much fun with your cousin's 18-month-old -- toddlers are a blast! (Yes, I'm completely crazy.)

karen said...

I just found a theater here that is showing that movie. I need to go see it... I am going to take my brother.

That is so great that Genisoy was SO generous with you. It makes buying their products a pleasure.

I made Dreena's hoisin and rice noodles and am putting it up on my blog-yum. Corn on the cob is so wonderful, we used to grow it when I was a kid and pick what we wanted for dinner.

KleoPatra said...

The corn looks sweet and tempting!

I am stoked that you went to this movie, and way to use the cloth bags! YAY! Vicki and Dori, both my heroines! I am trying to coordinate w/my mom to go see "An Inconvenient Truth" with her this week. I'm so happy you all went. Can't wait to hear/read your thoughts on it!

Hey, ho, Genisoy. Wow. I must have missed Kaysi's comment. That is wonderful that they read it and also that they are in touch with their constituents so kindly! That sounds like a company i shall be happy to do business with in the future. Thanks for the head's up on them!

Don't forget to post a pic of the olive green camp shirt!!! I know i wanna see it!!

funwithyourfood said...

Yay you saw it too!!


Midwest Vegan said...

Yum - corn! The season here ended in May so I have to wait another year for local, fresh ears of corn.

I've never heard of Genisoy -- I'll have to look for them at my Whole Foods.

By the way, thanks for the tip on the Le Press. I found it on "As Seen on TV". Still deciding whether or not to get it.

Carrie™ said...

Oh Dori I love your posts. Look at that corn! I'm really craving some corn on the cob and it's started appearing at the grocery store. Yes!
The picture of your son is priceless. Eating right out of the food processor bowl. I've been known to do that on occasion.

Vicki said...

Hi Dori!

I love the photos of your family tickets! It's like a visual family pact. & thanks for the link, Dori. I'm not an expert, nor am I proud of my entire environmental imprint - I'm just moved.

That's a handsome pile of coupons there: geni-soy is geni-rous!

abi is almost 18 months old, and her latest is climbing on top of tables - once she gets up there she does a little victory dance & sqweels. unnerving.

i love sewing & can't find the time lately. i hope you'll post a photo of your shirt. are you taking a class w/a deadline?

Vicki said...

ps - i'd play like Matt and eat ALL that corn while your back was turned for just a second. Corn the the best veggie. mmmm

Cherie Anderson said...

That was a good movie. I have a blog dedicated to what the movie "conveniently" forgot to mention (I'm guessing because Gore is an omni).

Urban Vegan said...

I am itching to see that movie.

Wow--GENisoy sure is GENerous. Very nice of them. Enjoy!

Veggies,Yarns & Tails said...

I really hope to see that movie soon, sounds depressing and enlightening.

The corn looks amazing, so good this time of year. Your state is known for its corn, isn't it?

Speaking of corn, hope you didn't indulge in any 'buttery topped' popcorn at the movie...some scary info. around blogland re: popcorn lung disease, strange but true. Posted on NewsTarget, among others. Sigh....another junk food to junk.

Take care, G

tara said...

Mmm, that corn. We have sweet corn in Indy now, and gods is it good.

I have not seen that movie, but have been making changes in my lifestyle already that it sounds like you're making. It's good if it makes even a few more people who see it make changes. My husband is one of those who scoffs at global warming...

Dori said...

Hi blog readers.

Vicki, in response to your question , yes. The shirt is the final project of a class I am taking.

Kleo I will be most proud of my shirt and will post it even if it is average with many mistakes. :)

Additionally, my day with the 18 month old has been refreshing. I have few toys and my home is no longer baby proof. He's been easy to watch though.

Shananigans said...

An “easy” 18-month-old? You lucked out…lol! Nice of you to give your cousin a little free time. So glad you saw the movie, and made it a family affair. I don’t think I’ve ever had any Genisoy products, but it’s so cool that they were so generous with you. I’ll keep an eye out at the markets. I got some organic sweet white corn at the farmers market last week, had it with some Tofurky sausages off the grill. So good! When I was little my mom used to send me out to go pick corn for dinner. Me and my siblings would throw the ears around like footballs, ah those were the days.

Tanya Kristine said...

that's way cool.

inconvenient truth. i'm too scared. i know so much about the meat industry...i'm afraid to learn more...