Saturday, August 19, 2006

Brown for my birthday

Happy Birthday to me on Sunday.

My family is full of summer babies and Melissa's will be coming up on the 28th. Speaking of Melissa, the little blonde rascal has discovered boys, not that she didn't notice them before but she has noticed that she likes to talk to a few and a few like to talk to her too. Our cell phone minutes were maxed out last month, so we had to pay a few $ extra which we have never done before - we have alot of minutes and alot of free time ... she has done alot of talking! (not just to boys)

To celebrate I purchased a case of Rice Dream Chocolate Marble Ice Cream (16 oz containers). I asked Matt to make me a Hot Fudge Ice Cream Pie from the last recipe in Dreena's, Everyday Vegan Cookbook. We didn't have a pie pan as deep as I desired, but an 8" square glass dish worked well. You see this pictured above with 4 candles representing the 4 birthdays we have to celebrate this month (me, Matt, Melissa, and my sister). We had a good time eating this pie together, but realized after having a sensible size peice we wanted MORE and justified eating the whole pie with the celebration excuse.

Matt enjoyed making this and he enjoyed eating it even more.

We staged this picture, but we still got a grand laugh out of it. Matt really enjoyed the pie. Matt really really enjoyed the pie. He alse really likes this wonderful soy free and vegan ice cream. I was surprised by how rich and creamy it is.

We are in the final days of summer. Matthew will be leaving Tuesday to start his computer technology and networking classes in a city 1 1/2 drive from us. He will stay with his grandpa during the week and come home Friday after class and then go back on Monday. His classes take place at a cooperative high school (not comprehensive) with his post secondary enrollment (an option legal here). He is actually considered a high school senior and will still be homeschooled chemistry, literature, as well as take guitar lessons and have a membership at the ymca (just a block away from his school). Planning his stay away from home is and will be a big adjustment for all of us.

Gifts in our family are often service oriented or we enjoy shopping together. At Christmas we shop together severasl times and we all budget a certain $$ amount per person, we purchase what we want but do not get it until the celebratory day. Birthdays are the same but with a smaller $$ amount. For me I usually like service gifts, esp the ice cream pie kind or the cherry almond muffins from VwaV that Melissa intends to make for me for Sunday breakfast.

Since sewing the shirt for TX121 I have caught a bug. The bug causes me to want to make more. I sewed a brown corduroy jumper (overall style) and am planning on making a matching purse to go with it for my birthday. I hung up the dress in our living room for Dave to see this afternoon thanking him for the lovely present. He loves it when I do things like this, it lets him off easy. I have lost sleep over this project simply because I am enjoying it so much. :)

The label on the inside of the jumper facing says "crafted with love". I found that cute little label at a sewing store last night when we also went out for supper at Saigon Cafe. I ordered a homestyle gluten. Loved it, it was served over thin noodles and had a good amount of veggies in it... so good. I also picked out a cute necklace and earrings to go with my newly created outfit.

Like I told you, brown for my birthday... hot fudge ice cream pie, long brown overall style jumper with a matching purse coming soon, jewelery with brown stones, and cherry almond muffins (brown enough).


Urban Vegan said...

Happy brown B'day, Dori.

What a yummy cake and what a nice son. And the jumper you made is just adorable. You are a woman of endless talents.

theONLYtania said...

*Drool* Ice cream pieeee. That's fun that you have so many birthdays at once. And a really interesting way to buy gifts for eachother. Sounds neat.

I hope you have a great birthday!

Genie said...

Happy birthday, Dori! Hope the day is're definitely in store for some really fabulous weather, from the sounds of the forecast. Enjoy, and I'm wishing you a year of peace and happiness.

The Inadvertent Gardener

Jackie said...

Happy birthday Dori :)

I agree that you are a woman many talents. Hopefully in my retirement from the business world I manage to learn some new talents that are creative and enjoyable.

Thanks for the visit.

Valentina said...

Happy Birthday!!!!!

Midwest Vegan said...

Happy birthday Dori! I hope you have a wonderful day. It looks like you're already off to a great start -- that pie looks great and you have a new jumper to wear on your birthday. You truly are talented.

Vivacious Vegan said...

Happy Birthday Dori! What a wonderful way to celebrate. Your jumper is so cute. Please model it for us!

EatPeacePlease said...

Happy Birthday Dori. Brown's my favorite color too! I love how your children create in the kitchen, it's so nice to hear and see. Matt is a big hit on this blog! And no suprise over here that Melissa discovered boys... hee hee. Good luck with that. Have a great day today surrounded in brown.

Melody said...

Happy Birthday Dori! I hope this is your happiest year yet.

I love your jumper. You have talent.

*hugs* to you and Matt... what a huge adjustment.. very bittersweet. I get all teary thinking how fast they grow up.

Kate said...

Happy Birthday! Since I found your blog I have enjoyed reading about your lives many adventures and changes. Your life gives me hope. The pie looks so yummy and the jumper you made looks so fantastic, you are so blessed to have so many talents. Good luck to Matt on his city education adventure. My brother is leaving for college in a few days, so I watch my mom have the same stresses that you may be feeling. Hope the rest of your summer goes very well.

funwithyourfood said...



share your cake


laura jesser said...

Happy birthday, Dori!

Thanks for coming by my site. Your blog is cool. I'm going to link you too! What a nice jumper you made--I've been trying my hand at sewing but haven't had much opportunity to practice yet.

See you around! :)

Megan said...

Your making me drool with that cooking. Did you make that necklace at the bottom of the page?
I like to bead myself.

Dori said...

I feel so special, all the birthday wishes makes me wish I would have saved a little of that ice cream pie to share. Okay, not really, I'm not THAT nice teddy ;)

Megan, I didn't make the necklace. Wish I could have. I noticed you like to bead. I'd love to see some of your bead works.

It's a little warm to wear my jumper right now (and actually I still need to put the back pocket on it and hem it at the bottom), but I will model it with the matching purse (when I finish it).

madeinalaska said...

Heres to hoping you have had a lovely birthday dori..
love the pic of matt! funny kid..

Vicki said...

brown is also my choice of color! beautiul jumper & great label. mmmm, that pie looks great - another recipe that i've got to try. happy birthday X 4!

JAM*tacular said...

Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you, happy birthday dear Dori, happy birthday to you!

Wishing you a year of success, opportunity, happiness, laughter and much, much love.

Thank you for being born, dearest Dori :D

One Love,

Carrie™ said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY DORI!! What a wonderfully brown day you had. The cake/pie recipe has intrigued me, but I've never made it. I think I might bump it up on my list of 'recipes to try' since yours looks so good. Matthew agrees I think! Funny photo!! He's such a good sport.
I used to sew, but haven't for many years. I really like the jumper you made. Soooo nice! It will go beautifully with your new jewels.
I'm glad you had a stellar day and wish you many more birthdays!

Vivacious Vegan said...

Dori, I loved your comment on my blog, "The more skills we have the less convenience we need to pay for." It is so true. I'm going to write this down and tape it somewhere I can see it daily.

Candi said...

Happy Birthday, Dori!

It has been so inspiring finding out about you and your family through your blog. I agree with everyone that you are very, very talented! Your family is amazing.

I hope you had a wonderful birthday!

Shananigans said...

Happy Birthday! I am so wowed by your sewing talent. I like sewing, but am without a machine at the moment. Just as well, I’d have no where to put it. Can’t wait to see the matching purse.

Those pictures of Matt are priceless. The pie sounds wonderful.

I like your system of gift giving, I think it makes lots of sense and everyone gets something they like. Those earrings and necklace are so pretty. Is that amber? I love amber.

Luna said...

happy birthday dori!!i hope you had a grat day!i was born in august too, actually i turned 27 last week ;-)happy birthday for your daughter too !

karen said...

Happy Birthday Dori! Your daughter Melissa and I have the same birthday!

Those pictures of Matt and the ice cream pie look like great fun. It will be an adjustment with him being away, but it is so good that he can stay with family.

You are quite talented with all you do, and now you make an adorable jumper. I like the jewelry you picked out to go with it :)

primaryconsumer said...

Happy Birthday! I haven't been around much, but I just thought I'd stop by and I saw it was your birthday.

Ferocious Killer Kat said...

Happy Birthday Dori!!!!! Belated/Advance birthday wishes to matt, melissa and your sister...

and that pie looks absolutely delish!! yumm!!!

KleoPatra said...

The brown is becoming, Dori.

Birthday wishes for a year of bliss in every way to you.

I had to laugh about Melissa and the cell phone... my sisters have teen-age daughters... do i know of what you write!!

Cell phones... good and bad... The endless conversations. We just had "regular" phones, y' know?

Isn't it funny how some things - Talking to boys on the phone! And talking on the phone to girlfriends with whom we chatted about what else? BOYS! - never change?!?!?

tara said...

Happy belated birthday, Dori! Looks like it was a great day. :)

Geraldine said...

Happy Birthday (a little late) Dori and wishing you many more to come. You are a woman truly blessed and your blog is a blessing to all your blog buds Im sure, it is to me.

Huggs and wishing you all the good things, G

Tanya Kristine said...

wow. you are loved!!!