Sunday, May 14, 2006

Split Red Lentils

Happy Mother's Day. My family fixed me a great breakfast this morning. Tofu scramble with mushrooms and red pepper, orange segments, and whole grain toast with organic bilberry jam. I hope all my mom friends were treated extra special today also. Monday morning I will be out of town for a class I need to take, but will be back home on Thursday. I am registered to take 15 credit hours at ISU to complete between now and September when I student teach. I will still eat and still have a family to cook for, but you'll see more planning ahead. Here's some food that has been on my thoughts to share with you. Enjoy!

I got the idea from Catherine of Albion Cooks and then found that Isil from Turkey was on the same wave that week. I added cauliflower, carots, green peas and *1/4 C currants (* it just seemed like the right thing to do for someone like me of a european decent), plus 3 Tbsp dried cilantros, and salted it (but my veggie broth is not salty).... either way I liked the seasonings. The family tasted but decided it was not good for more than 1/2 cup serving and that was just trying it to please me. They are not familiar with the seasonings used (yet) but I liked it. I liked best that it was fast(20 minutes) and made enough for about 4 servings which is not overwhelming if I am the only one eating it. Despite the family vote I liked this and will make it again even if just for me (maybe they just need more exposure to the cumin flavor ouside of chili).

Since I'd like to learn to use them more...
"These need only about 20 minutes to cook into a thick soup or curry. . . They also taste wonderful cooked Indian-style with caramelised onions and garlic, peppery mustard seeds, turmeric and cumin." I'd like to find out if I think this is true. Reference

Red Split Lentils have a low "digestible carb" content, contain several vitamins and minerals and are a good source of dietary fiber which helps protect against digestive disorders and disease. According to at least one clinical diet study, an eating-plan rich in beans can help patients with either type 2 or type 1 diabetes to reduce their daily insulin intake. Due to their high soluble fiber content (inc. gums, beta glucans, pectin), legumes are digested very slowly, are thus low on theglycemic index, and help maintain stable blood glucose levels and healthier glucose metabolism. Reference

Here are more recipes to some links that I am looking forward to trying soon. If anyone else tries them before me I'd love to know what you think of them!
Sweet and Sour Red Lentils by Madhur Jaffrey, from Flavours of India
Red Lentil Balls from the Vegan Society
Red Lentil and Spinach Stew from the Vegan Society
Kate's Vegan Cookery Site , nice place to visit


Vicki said...

Happy Mother's Day, Dori! Sounds like a wonderful breakfast your family made for you. Hope your classes are interesting & you have a great week!

Freedom said...

I'm glad you had a nice mother's day! This recipe sounds pretty yummy - cummin is possibly my all time favourtie spice, so that makes it all the more appealing! By the way, has your cat come home yet? I hope so.

Isil S. said...

Happy belated mother's day!I am glad you enjoyed your lentils.

Amy O'Neill Houck said...

Omigosh! Can you believe I cooked red lentils tonight--BEFORE reading your blog??? Spooooky.

Mindy T. said...

Hi Dori. Those red lentils are my favorite "dal" because they cook up so quickly and create a nice thick, but now chewy, consistency. Now freedom's got me worried about your cat, too...

Anonymous said...

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