Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Away from home meal plan...

Foods that I ended up bringing with me for the three nights away from home. I broiled tofu that was sprayed with soy sauce and sprinkled with Nature's seasoning until it was browned and chewy. I have been using this on sandwiches made with my flax and soy bread, I ate my last sandwich tonight. I took a picture of the broiled tofu, but it is on my home computor and I am at the college library... you might notice my MwM was predated, I wrote it this past weekend.

B: Monday I had a banana oatmeal with maple syrup and pecan breakfast... yummy and it kept me good until lunch. Tuesday and Wednesday, I had/ will have banana slices on my homemade flax and soy bread drizzled with homemade maple syrup (it's actually leftover syrup from making the granola that I sell at the coffee house.... my sister has been making the Bakehouse granola for me the past year. Thursday morning.... I'll stop at Brugger's bagels, there is one down the street and buy a coffee.

L: Tofu sandwiches on my flax and soy bread with either broccoli or shredded carrot salad and a vegan dark chocolate. Wednesday I will have a chipotle black bean burrito - awhile back I made a bunch and froze them so that I could take them out and nuke them (or thaw and heat) as I needed. I only had one left in the freezer, but wish I would have had more. Thursday I am going to Cafe' Diem Coffee House for a grilled black bean patty (vegan) on a whole grain bun (YEAH! - I just discovered they had these) for lunch and I'll probably stop at a farmer's market in Des Moines on my way home and see what kind of good food I can find.

S: I brought leftover barley mushroom soup and had it with a sandwich and salad last night and tonight. Wednesday for supper I will have to go out to eat. I'm going to brave it on my own .... I've been asking around to find out where the best indian food is.

There is an African restaurant in town. I have never attempted this one before....I am going to stop in tomorrow to get a menu so that I can go in "semi- intelligent".


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