Wednesday, May 03, 2006

5.3.2006 Midweek Munchies and Vegan Nutrition

This is my version of a "hungry planet" personalized picture. I took a picture of my Thursday buying club and shopping trip. This week I will not be purchasing much after spending around $275 on food related shopping last Thursday. Cooking and methods of preservation: 2 Refrigerators, electric stovetop convection oven, 3 freezers, toaster oven, crock pot, rice cooker, soymilk maker, gas BBQ grill, automatic bread machine, home cannning equipment and jars, etc....

Here you see:
1 bag * millet puffs cereal
1 lb * lima beans
2 lb * pinto beans
5 lb each *red split lentils, white quinoa, and currants
12 bags * guiltless gourmet corn chips
2 loaves sliced * whole grain wheat bread
5* locally grown sweet potatoes
5 * russet baking potatoes
10 quarts Wildwood plain soy yogurt
6 # White Wave r/f firm tofu
1 pkg smart life veggie dogs
3 large leeks
3 lb * sweet onions
8 lb * strawberries
6 heads * romaine lettuce
3 lb * baby carrots
fresh * Locally grown sage (mariposa farms)
12 rolls enviro friendly toilet paper and a 48 oz mouthwash
6 boxes brown muffin papers
96 oz box ECOVER environment friendly laundry detergent (37 loads)

BRAGGINGS!! DH went mushroom hunting Tuesday (left work a bit early) and brought us home a bounty-close to 10 lb's of morrell.

Still working on this.... it will include something with morrell mushrooms and strawberries for sure though. Things I have seen on other blogs and been "hankering" include: spicy split red lentil soup (for strength), curried red lentils with cauliflower, falafels, and still looking for something that inspires me to use up some adzuki beans.

* I'll be cleaning and opening up the Bakehouse this coming week because I have my first spring time order of the year to deliver on May 11th for 12 dozen Raw Bars, 12 dozen vegan whole grain organic muffins, and 36 dozen vegan whole grain organic comfort cookies. This order is a part of a finals week "survival pack" for college students.

Want to know more about , check out Harmonia's Hut.

A Vegan Feaster, Linda, on Bryanna's private talk board for newsletter subscribers (shhhh... the private talk board is a bonus of subscribing, but she can't advertise it) posted a link to a net radio show about vegan nutrition. I had to download this in MP3 format and listen with my real one player... I couldn't open it any other way.

I learned alot from this after listening twice and taking notes the second time.


Bryanna Grogan said...

I have to download that and listen. Thanks for the reminder, Dori!

EatPeacePlease said...

So much food, and it makes so much sense. I wish I had the bakehouse and so much kitchen stuff that you have. Great!

Ok, you have your first springtime order... can I be your next? I would love cookies and baked items that I don't do anymore. You are making me drool and want to take the Bat-Mobile super-quick over to Iowa.

Vicki said...

Looks like you'll be feeding a small army! How long will this last you?

ps -- Cute comment, Leslie! (take the Bat-Mobile super-quick over to Iowa) HEE HEEE! :o)

Catherine said...

Leslie, you just need to work on your superpowers -- who needs a Batmobile if you can fly?? Hmm? :)

Dori, that's an awesome mountain of food! I sometimes wish I had the storage space to buy stuff like that in bulk -- I know it's less wasteful and lots cheaper, but I don't have room in my eensie apartment. What did you do with the morels?

Dori said...

I know veganism has benefits, but I am super priveledged with the bat mobile and the flying food snob coming in soon.

Vicki, how long this food will last varies I always try to keep a well stocked pantry and sometimes I have to get creative when I want to clean out a storage space. We do go through the soy yogurt and tofu (perishables) within a month. My son (6'2) eats almost a head of romaine lettuce in one setting ... one of the few likeable veggies for him. I do buy some veggies, right now being spring my garden storage from last year is pretty much gone (with the exception of a few canned fruits and pickled goods). Much of the rest is just to restock or add new basic staples to what I have on hand. The corn chips, I order a case and we go through a bag or two a month - I haven't found anyone else in my buying club to split a case with yet and besides I got them on sale this time and paid $1.46 a bag.

I also make food to fill the freezer of a non-cooking pastor friend who has food allergies. He is a regular spelt baked good customer and I freeze portions of soups and other meals for him to help him keep on rotation.

Catherine, my next post will have morrell info in it. I'll put out the landing lights for you. lol.

Harmonia said...

This is a truly awesome list! I'm jealous! LOL

Catherine said...

Man, I think "The Flying Food Snob" will have to be the title of my second cookbook, if I ever write one!