Tuesday, May 16, 2006

5.17.06 Midweek Munchies and Instant Potato Soup

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I am in the middle of my stay away from home and will be living like this fpr the next three weeks, but will be home to have supper on Thursday. I have access to a refrigerator and the ability to take my lunch and snacks with me... microwave access at lunchtime also, money and dietary preference PLUS.

Here's my food travel log:
I baked a batch of bran muffins and will have two of these for breakfast each morning along a fresh fruit (apple, pear, or orange), coffee, and soymilk. Snack will be a mocha flavored Genisoy bar each day with an herbal tea or a stop at the coffee house to read school work and sip.

Monday and Tuesday lunch and supper was the same exact foods.
Lunch: brown lentil stew, a homemade baked oatmeal bar (minus the fruit/topped with stevia sweet stewed rhubarb) bottle of water and an orange
Supper: Bread crumb coated baked tofu sticks (cooked and refrigerated before I left home), pizza sauce to dip in, quinoa macaroni curried pasta salad, and cooked greenbean/ caluiflour mix seasones with shallot pepper.

I brought my crockpot. Wednesday's plan is a package of my bakehouse Dried Mushroom Potato Soup (link to recipe) mixture in the crockpot so that I can have it for both lunch (with a peice of fruit and carrots/celery), supper (maybe I'll stop at a little organic store in town (wheatsfield grocery) and get a couple of organic fig cookies, they have these in a jar at the checkout for 27 cents each). I'll probably finish it off for lunch on Thurday before heading home. Since it is a packaged dry mix it is an excellent traveling food and can be made in individual portions to be able to take with you... add boiling water, cover and come back to eat in 15 minutes. It's really tastey too!

For that European dinner I made something I've never even heard of before. Rae at Bunnyfoot blog posted a haggis recipe. I Saw, I prepared, and I enjoyed! It allowed me to use up the last of the morrell mushrooms DH found last week. The family was happy that I liked it and then filled their plates with other foods. I placed Tbsp's of the leftovers into a small pasta wrap (empanada style) and baked crispy. The family loved this! Note to self: Anything in a pasta wrap baked crispy is good, serve with homemade BBQ sauce. (picture of haggis empanadas to be posted Friday)

Since I will be doing this for the next three weeks I will need to plan what I will cook this weekend for next weeks meals. I plan to make a "ham" seitan roast on Friday, so I know I will have some leftovers of that to bring with me. Potatoes sound good, maybe even a spring potato salad. A broccoli salad also sounds divine, maybe with some chopped up apple. I like having the muffins for breakfast, so I'll probably do this again.

There are several Indian restaurants in town. I have have never experienced this kind of place. Any suggestions for what I may find there or might like to try eating.


EatPeacePlease said...

I love samosas! I think they are Indian. I like anything with curry, lots of veggies and rice, as well as other dishes that I can't remember the names now.

Your food planning and logging is amazing to me. Did I miss something, are you in a dorm? At least you have a fridge and a microwave and can go home every once in a while and re-stock. You seem to be eating super-well for not being at home.

I think it's hillarious, but super-smart at the same time that you brought your crockpot. It cracked me up!

I hope you don't get sick of the mocha genesoy bars each day. Out of everything you listed, maybe because it's not homemade, that seems like something "too much" for each day. I like Luna bars a lot if you haven't tried them. I try to take it easy on the soy protien isolate though.

I like that you are still keeping us updated even while you are away (and busy).

Dori said...

Thanks for the indian food ideas Leslie. I have to take a class on the main campus (2 hours from my home). I am staying in a hotel like situation. I drive here on Monday and go home when class is over on Thursday. This is week 1 of 4. I am eating the genisoy bars this week because I got them for 35 cents a bar on clearance. I like Luna bars too. I usually don't buy them because I prefer to make my own stuff. I also know that I can get alot of homemade goodie for the cost of 1 bar.

Vicki said...

hi dori! you must be so busy. what classes are you taking? when do you begin student teaching? you sure are an organized on-the-road cook! i'm super impressed.

i remember eating lentils, chickpeas, and some yummy indian bread with a potato filling. let us know about your restaurant experience.

how is your family surviving without you?!

Starla said...

Hi Dori:

I love Indian food and seem to always go back to my old favorite of Chana Masala. A chickpea dish. Be sure to let your waitperson know you do not want anything with ghee (butter) or paneer (cheese) to keep it vegan.

yum. Wish I was going too.

Harmonia said...

Well, I am some-what new to Indian dishes other than hummus and curry's...but I have also enjoyed Samosas, Dhal, that chickpea curry dish...what is that called? Oh! It will come to me later...and baba ganoush...yum.

I think there is a veg brand of Indian microwaveable dishes from Green Guru...some of them vegan. that's where I had the chickpea thing. I can't wait to try more Indian food!

My MwM is up. Need help with Kombu.

Dori said...

Thanks for the ideas, I like chickpeas, that's a good place to start and definitely have to try samosas, I think these are potato stuffed breads.... I have seen alot of recipes for this.

I don't feel the weight of busy-ness because after class I go to the library or coffee house and do the work assigned... I'm here alone without home duties. I talk to the family every morning, noon, and night. DH is challenged with a few daily issues that DS has been having, but they/ we are working through it. One of my strengths is organization and I'm a planner, the family had meal plans and a specific daily schedule before I left. Also, each person at home took a turn at cooking and I'll have Thursday night when I get home.

The class I am taking on the ISU campus is Multicultural Education.
I am also in an online class through University of Colorado (Intro to interior design... said with a big happy smile). I will be taking a textile and apparrel class online thorugh July and will finish classwork in August with a class through University of Northern Iowa called the American Consumer. All these credits will transfer into ISU, the school that will sign off on my FCS grade 7-12 teaching certification.

I did get tired of the genisoy bars and today I found a vegan cookie at wheatsfield grocery... yum! I also got a head of organic broccoli and made a salad with apple and chopped carrots (vinagrette dressing). I couldn't resist the olive roasted red pepper whole grain organic bread... good thing I'm going home tommorrow, this will be part of our supper meal.

I student teach September - December 2006 and will be licensed (God willing) in January! I am a family and consumer science major (double major now with my prior 1997 social work degree, but this certification isn't taking to long because my previous minor was education).

Vicki said...

what are your plans with all that knowledge you'll have?! :o) i must say that you are an inspirational lady! wish i could join you for an evening out @ the indian restaurant.

EatPeacePlease said...

My immediate thought was like Vicki's... How does your family survive without you!?!

Dori said...

Not to take Vicki's question unseriously, but the first thing I will do in January when I am through with this is repaint my bedroom and upstairs bathroom. It is swan blue and our upstairs bathroom even has swan wallpaper cutouts... it's disgusting!

The next thing on my agenda is run for president... just kidding! It is challenging to be away from home like this, but we had some practice last summer when I had to be away for nine days. Sometimes challenges are good for a family, we will work together rise to the occassion. It's only three nights away, four times for a total of 12.

My kids are 17 and 14. One does have Aspergers with med issues which requires more parental involvement and schedule planning, but he does get this via cell phone (me) and my mom as well as two sisters live within two houses away to two blocks away from us when we need help.

I'd love to have an indian dinner with all of you also. I promise to bring my camera next week when I go and tell you all about it.

krispycheks said...

My favorite Indian food is Aloo Mutter. It's a really common dish with curried potatoes, peas, and sometimes chickpeas, over rice or with fried bread. It's so good, I could eat it all the time.

Vicki said...

i understand what you say about challenges and making a family stronger -- it's amazing what you can do when you have to! you're lucky to have family close by. art works out of state! he leaves tuesday morning, and returns friday evening. he takes 1 week off a month. it's tough, but we've learned to embrace it.

you got my vote for president! :o)