Friday, August 08, 2014


The only purpose of this post on my MFP blog is for life balance and celebration.... for everything there is a season. Getting these pictures up here is a real job.  But I got it.  I do enjoy making cakes with family and we had fin this year.

Made for my sisters birthday, 2014.  It is vegan vanilla all-purpose cake using brown sugar (recipe dreena burton), raspberry preserves between layers, white marshmallow fondant, with cream cheese flavored buter cream as "the glue" under the fondant and crumb coating.  To give size perspective, the cake pans were 6 inches and four cakes were used.  Overall height was about 6 inches after leveling everything.  I had fun.... time consuming, but fun!!

 photo 2005feb4-f8e4-4fa3-b548-437210005d34_zps8a7dd4e1.jpg

 photo f337f26d-4425-466f-b6fa-eb4f435912f5_zps7512c8e8.jpg

My son's 25th birthday hobbit house... this is actually from 2013.  He used a basic white and chocolate cake recipe (no boxed!), the cake and cupcakes are half and half.  Basic vanilla butter cream icing which we colored every possible way, the hobbit house it a rice krispie and the mini houses on the cupcakes are cake trufles, the ring and cute garden items are marshmallow fondant.
 photo 73e3023f-555b-4278-8acc-a814c38d30be_zpsb6a5b946.jpg

smaller hobbit house photo photo dfd5e9c3-a9c0-4b47-a86e-a8f4d4823ca9_zps189274f4.jpg

My daughters 23rd birthday DR WHO cake.  She really did the majority of this.  I only helped with the recipes and occassional problem solving.  She has my skills but more patience!!  I love her to the moon and back especially through the life learning experiences.   photo b962ed83-297b-4279-9508-2476af34b6fb_zpseafd778d.jpg

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