Sunday, October 28, 2007

What's cooking at Dori's ....

I have been a little time constrained as I adjust to the full time (and then some) schedule, however it is important to me to stay motivated to cook nutritious and vegan. Now that I am out in the "real" world again and away from the protective constrains of my home, professional kitchen, and organic acreage I am finding the need to stay connected to my roots and passions. It is harder to do this in a time crunch, but I am determined to stay with my values and preferred eating habits. To do this I have found that my Internet community of inspired vegan cooks is what works the best with my schedule and my rural location, also reading the blogs of other cooks inspires me to be a better cook and person despite being "only one". I decided this week as I make my comeback cooking post you are going to get a run down on what this busy, vegan has cooked.

ALSO I want to let you know that I purchased Dreena's new book, EAT DRINK AND BE VEGAN via amazon and am enjoying BRYANNA"S VEGAN FEAST fall issue just in time for the upcoming holiday season. I am in the states so Canadian friends, my Thanksgiving pictures will soon be coming.

Oh and the pictures....

I live in a household with a teenage daughter who has determined that the family digital camera should be shared. It seems that every time I want to take a picture of a gorgeous vegan meal that the batteries are dying, dead, or just got on the charger. Further justification in my complaint is that her my space and face book pictures have great quality and quantity. Perhaps she needs a camera for the next gift (or maybe I do!). Yes here is the lovely sweet daughter on her big day. I made this cake btw ... I used a Bryanna Clark Brogan recipe which features chocolate and coffee.


I live in the Midwest and our farmer's market season is closed now until May. I can purchase veggies that have been shipped in from other places at the grocery store (at high prices for food that is not as high of quality as I prefer). My garden was small this year because I knew that I was going to apply for the position that I currently work (and I do love it .... despite time consuming for now), so my food creations will be limited to season and availability since my canning shelves did not get as well stocked with soups and wonderfuls that I would have typically done this time of year.

Announcing meals I have prepared this week ....

Bell Peppers stuffed with Israeli Couscous and Lentils (p. 152) Fresh From the Vegetarian Slow Cooker by Robin Robinson

I was given a gift of about 10 beautiful red and green peppers from a gal that goes to our church. This recipe is uniquely different from the typical southwestern flavorings of her Salsa Rice and Beans stuffed pepper recipe, although I made those 11-2006 and liked them very much. I do write in my cookbooks when I try a recipe and date it, it's fun seeing this when I flip through. I also make notes about what I might do the recipe next time. Since it was primarily Dave and I eating these I had them for supper, lunch and supper again one evening when the rest of the family was out doing whatever they needed to do.

I really like the convenience of Boca burgers (original) and whole grain buns along with a fresh romaine salad. I do this for lunch or supper at least once a week.

With more peppers I made Dreena Burton's red pepper pasta sauce and served this with some whole grain spaghetti and cauliflower that I had in my freezer, homegrown in my garden. Of course a meal like this cannot be served without some of her famous chocolate chip cookies from Viva Le Vegan ... an irresistible necessity. Another Dreena favorite made this week was Ginger Hoison Rice Noodles from The Everyday Vegan, this recipe is prepared several times during pepper season.

This is my week's report. Now I am going to be scouting around on other blogs for other good inspiration and I'll share what I found and cooked next week. Until then, happy cooking (and eating)! HUGS to you all!


Veg-a-Nut said...

Hi, missed you! Glad to hear you were able to do what you love best, cooking healthy vegan food. You are so blessed to get those pepper. I love those kind of blessings. Sounds like you had a good time cooking all your yummies. Look forward to seeing and hearing about your next adventures in the kitchen. :o)

Anonymous said...

i missed your post a lot!

the food sounds great!

happy belated birthday to your daughther!

laura jesser said...

Great to hear from you again, Dori--I've been wondering about you!

I know what you mean... Even when blogging gets tiring (& turns into a full-time job sometimes!) I love the way it keeps me going, motivated to cook the healthy foods when vegging out (no pun intended) would be much easier.

aTxVegn said...

Hi, Dori! You sure seem busy, but all the new cookbooks out should keep you doing more good vegan cooking.

I can't imagine being without my farmers market until May. I'm now thankful mine is open year round.

Shananigans said...

Great to see you back to blogging about your wonderful meals. Great pic, Matt looks like he's matured a lot! I love pepper sauces, peppers are about to get very expensive around here too. Our market runs through the end of November, better make the most of it while I can.

Kate said...

Great to see you are keeping motivated, I am motivated by your motivation.

Jody from VegChic said...

I'm going to miss the farmer's markets too.

Boca burgers are a great simple dinner. My wish is that they would cut down on the sodium in them. People can always add more salt if they want it.

Ginger Hoisin noodles sounds great. I love hoisin sauce.

erica said...

Stinkin' kids!
Haha just kidding!