Saturday, April 14, 2007

Easter . . . Snow?!

This is the facts of living in my Midwestern town even though it is more than one month into spring. April showers are supposed to bring May flowers... no one said anything about April SNOW! This is a picture of green grass topped with white snow. Right now we have an inch and could receive anywhere from 3 - 12 inched today (we got 7 inches). Another sad fact about where I live is that March 26th and 27th we had beautiful sunny skies and temperatures near 80.

Garden Update....
I didn't get the potatoes planted Saturday like I had hoped because it was raining, now behind schedule some however this is not a big deal, I'll still have potatoes. I will be buying broccoli and cauliflower plants already started so these are okay to, I should be still be harvesting about mid June. This is last year's herb bed (and a great dog named pup who is no longer with us), I will post it now for motivation to hang in there a little longer. If I don't I am sure that I would be running off to California or Seattle soon and then you would never see me in blog land because I wouldn't be cooped up inside avoiding our ever changing weather.

Things that make life fun....
Matthew was in an Easter play which we attended Good Friday night, part 1, and Sunday morning , part 2 @ 6:30 am. Part 1 was the traditional Good Friday type play. Part 2 was the resurrection story investigated Dragnet style (a show from the 50's). Matt is the one in glasses. He is wearing a traditional Judea robe under his "Dragnet style" white shirt/ black tie. The play was really cute and if others knew Matt like we do they would realize he was not really acting..... that is his type of humor! His senior prom is coming up. My 6'3" baby boy is again taking a 4'6" little red headed girl for a date (I really think Charlie Brown, Matt's hero, and his little red headed girl has really affected him.)

I consider myself a family food blogger, so the fact the food follows all the above is not to out of the normal. I have three food pictures to share, considering that I eat at least three times a day and have not blogged in about 8 days = 24 meals, yet I have only three to share..... my diet as of late has been pretty boring. However, what I did do with the burritos will become a staple because I do love the convenience.

A NICE STOCK OF THEM IN THE FREEZER (this recipe makes 4, but I quadruple it)
I had some TVP taco meat filling leftover in the freezer that I wanted to get used up. I actually prepared it and weighed into a 1 lb package for ease of use later, sure a little fuss but I was happy for the ease of preparation when I made these. I also remember awhile back I was hankering some store bought vegan burritos, but decided that the cost was not worth it. Being a die hard "do it your-selfer" here's my filling recipe....
1 C chopped onion
1 1/2 Tbsp garlic crushed
1 - 14.5 oz can of black beans
1 - 7 oz can of whole kernel corn
1/2 C salsa
1/4 C plain soy yogurt, optional OR use veg refried beans
1 1 /2 Tbsp Smokey Mesquite Seasoning
Saute onions and garlic in a non-stick pan, when browned add corn, black beans, salsa and seasoning. Cook about 2 minutes until all is warmed. Add refried beans (or yogurt is you choose) and cook until mixture is thickened. Add 1/4 of mixture to a tortilla and top with 2 Tbsp soy cheese. Fold in sides, roll up, allow to cool, wrap, and freeze.

I originally got the recipe seasoning idea from a weight watchers core forum that I used to read some time ago, I believe they calculate at 4 points each. I put 1/2 cup of the filling into a whole wheat wrap, fold, wrap in saran wrap individually, and put into a freezer bag. Then when I want one I take it out, remove the saran wrap, and microwave on a plate for one "frozen entree" setting and it is wonderful. I usually top it with homemade salsa, serve with a side salad and follow-up with a square of dark vegan chocolate.

A Little Indian...
This picture is a little steamy, but about as good as the picture. I made it using a recipe in The Enlightened Kitchen cookbook which called it an Indian dish. However it did not use any typical Indian seasonings like curry powder. Although the dish was okay, I was a little disappointed by lack of true Indian flavor which I have come to like, although my family is a little slow to come around. I know they will eventually ... they did with Chinese style stir-fry's a number of years ago.
Last foody picture, an eggroll laptop lunch with a side of tropical veggies and a nice romaine salad topped with carrots and sliced mushrooms. I have salad dressing in the little container. I haven't actually used my laptop lunchbox in a month or so. I found a salad container that I like better so I can take bigger salads. I also have access to a frig now.... next year I will probaly not use my box at all. I will have five kitchens in my room along with 30 sewing machines. I don't regret buying it though.

Sophie likes to sit in the sun on my desk. Here she is comfortably a glow.


Urban Vegan said...

I hope the snow is all meled by now. We are currently in the throes of yet another Nor'Easter and may get snow tomorrow. *sigh*

The Indian is looking good, as is your eggroll laptop lunch.

Sophie is so adorable--cats do know how to enjoy life!

Twisted Cinderella said...

sorry about the snow. We had a little yesterday! The recipe looks wonderful!

laura jesser said...

Snow... ::sigh:: We had none this year. I just need to move next to you--seems like you get plenty!

Thanks for the burrito recipe--I love burritos and the idea of a homemade frozen burrito sounds great for my current on-the-run kind of life!

Anonymous said...

Hi Dori !

I have something to tell you :)
My 10 y.old son is doing a homeschool project about bread and he will be presenting it at an HS Fair at the end of May. So we ordered Carl's starter because he wanted to try his hand at sourdough bread. So then, he heard about poolish and while we searched the internet for info on that, Google pointed to your Dark European Bread recipe. How could we not try a recipe of our blogger friend Dori ? We both agree that making a Poolish is cool !
Well, I'm eating a slice of your bread right now and it is INCREDIBLE ! He used the bread machine for the mixing part and it went so well ! It is the best bread we have ever made with our BM.
So thank you for sharing this recipe a while ago ! We will be making it again and again and I'm sure he will mention you at his expo. You'll be famous in Quebec City LOL

Shananigans said...

We had snow last week, made for some treacherous driving and fallen trees and power lines and such. Funny thing, today you'd never guess we were under 6 inches of wet, heavy snow less than a week ago.

I love the idea of making your own convenient homemade frozen burritos, I will definitely be trying those!

Emmy said...

Ugh, I can related to that awful weather. Snow in April is just crazy! The Smokey Chipotle Burritos sound fabulous.

erica said...

That's funny with your boy and the Little Redheaded Girl... I am a read head and once played the Little Redheaded Girl in a play. but I'm taken... and much too old for your boy :)

Everything I've planted except the herbs have sprouted, I seem to just not have good luck with herbs (except chives). I am also far behind on my garden, the tile project got in the way. BUT! I stopped watching TV and so have lots of time now to get my butt outside, when I'm not tiling :P Just like all projects it's taking waaaaayyy longer than I planned.

Jackie said...

Weather really weird. I packed away my summer clothes as it is now winter here but this week got hot again so had to haul out some T-shirts. Sorry you had snow when wanting to plant.

Thanks for the burrito recipe. I never had them until last year but with all the great vegan recipes I have got from reading blogs I have developed quite a liking for them.

What a pretty herb garden you had last year.

Would have loved to have seen Part 2 of the Easter play. Must have been great fun.

Mikaela said...

The garden looks great, Dori :)

bazu said...

I feel your pain. Snow in April is SO wrong. (It's also so absurd that it's slightly amusing). I hope your weather is much better by now. My father in law, who lives in St. Louis, wanted to plant his potatoes on St. Patrick's day, as he does every year, for luck, and he couldn't because of the crazy cold. =(
I love the kitty in the sunlight photo.

KleoPatra said...

Brrrr! Look at that snow. I wonder if it's any better now?? That is just so weird that only a few weeks ago the temp was in the 70s by you. I remember the Midwest weird weather well, that is for sure! Something i take from my childhood and can't forget... Cold Aprils and muggy Septembers...

Your garden is so sweet. Did you take that photo from last year at night? Love the pic that has Pup in it *love to you regarding Pup*

Stay motivated!! There will be better weather coming your way.

Cute photo of Matt there... hope we can see some prom photos. PROM! Oh wow... memories! That's so funny; that the big guy's taking the little red-headed girl... Chuck'd be proud!

Dori, i have a feeling that you do not eat boring meals! Me - cereal and soy milk, frozen veggies thrown in a pan with some smashed tofu, Yves slices on lavash bread, Boca burgers in the microwave... you get the picture!

Yer chipotle burros look pretty fabulous! Totalyl into that eggroll lunch there! so much good stuff...

Hi Sophie!! She's really lighting things up!

Anonymous said...

snow now? that so crazy! thanks for the recipe.