Sunday, January 06, 2008

Yaki Soba & Wonton "Muffins"

I got my EAT TO LIVE book by Dr. Furhman in via UPS yesterday. I have finished reading up through Chapter two. He does alot of explaining about fiber, photochemical, and the importance of nutrient dense food. Everything he says agrees with my personal nutritional interests and background. His explanation about slow metabolism's and low calorie diets is interesting and new information to me. His food pyramid would definitely have fruit and veggie's portion to the widest with grains following behind, as I age and see myself getting a little less active (although I still exercise purposefully three - four times a week) this all makes sense to me.

I started my healthy foods eating experience with a book sale book titled The Save Your Life High Fiber Diet by Dr. David Reuben (c) 1976. I was interested in this book because I just started experiencing some health problems in my early 20's.... alot of hormonal issues. Shortly after reading this book a trip to the library lead me to Dr. John Mc Dougal's very first book .... one written before he had a bunch of cookbooks and prepared prepackaged foods for sale. Then an Internet search lead me to Bryanna Clark- Grogan's very first cookbook, The Almost No Fat Cookbook which I loved before I even understood the word vegan. I bought a coffee cup at this same time to commemorate my decision, it has the very same picture by Mary Engelbreit that I show below. I've been a vegan foodie ever since then. Then larger changes occurred: giving up my social work career and becoming a home schooling SAHM, selling our home and purchasing an acreage, buying another building an opening up our bakery, then the list goes on and on ...... life has changed so much from that decision. I haven't looked back and have the same mind set again after selling our business while I go to full-time teaching (family consumer science / health). Perhaps while reading this eat to live book I will have another paradigm, but so far nothing is new to me that I have read - I will continue.

Meanwhile..... In the Kitchen

While in to the greens mode, Brussels sprouts are one of my favorites. This is an old, but goody post that I decided to bring up from the April 2006 archives. Enjoy!

YAKI SOBA (buckwheat pasta)
I have made buckwheat noodles before using my hand crank pasta maker, but didn't have time to do this for this meal. I found a yaki soba recipe that I wanted to try and I needed it quick because we would be out for most of the day and be very hungry by the time we arrive home. I was happy to find 100% buckwheat flour noodles at an oriental market last week, $2.79 (not organic) for 10 servings and each serving is bunched with a paper holder so that it is easy to boil up just as much as is needed. Eden has an organic 100% buckwheat soba, but I couldn't get this ordered in time and I think it costs $3.79 for a 12 oz serving. Buckwheat is a grain that my son is not allergic to at all and can eat without problem, but I know his system is sensitive and a problem could develop if we overdo. Plus for non allergy conscious eaters, buckwheat soba is a good way to incorporate variety in the diet (a good thing to do).

I made my seasoned cabbage and carrot/ onion and chik'n chunks ahead of time in the microwave the night before I planned on having this for supper. It turns out that I was the only one eating this supper because everyone else had something going on (of course the leftovers will be served another night - usually the weekend). This is a basic dish easily eaten with chop sticks.

My favorite part of this meal is the wonton "muffins". I baked them in my toaster oven in a mini muffin pan. The filling is unique and made from brussel sprouts (original idea from a Vegan Feast newsletter in which artichoke hearts were used).


The idea for these "muffins" came from browsing some online recipe archives, not vegan but great food ideas that could be make to my preference. I will be making my wontons in this way in the future, possibly buying another mini muffin pan.

In addition to the wonton wrappers I used this same filling for stuffed mushrooms at my Easter meal. Yumm! The mushrooms were baked at 375 degrees for 15 - 18 minutes. I enjoyed these best 15 minutes or more after coming out of the oven. I am impatient and like to grab things straight out of the oven... Burned mouths are not fun! FOR NON-BAKERS... I think these mushrooms could be cooked in a covered pan and turn out well also. Cook until the mushroom is at an enjoyable quality and the filling warm.


Harmonia said...

Hi! I'm back posting again today. Thank you so very much for your nice comments while I was away.

This post looks amazing!

Today I posted about Tea and lots of it! I wanted to post more but decided to respond to everyone's comments instead.

Thanks again and can't wait for your next post!

Bryanna Grogan said...

I love those wonton "muffins", Dori!

Michelle said...

The Wonton Muffins look wonderful! Yummy dinner. :)

Vicki said...

I'm also here to comment on the wonton "muffins" - they look & sound great! I love eating little packages like that.

Anonymous said...

Hi - Thanks for your kind words on my post. I love the M.E. picture -- it's exactly how I feel right now about things in my life.

Your food looks great. Brussel sprouts are my favorite veggie and I think I could get my family to eat them if they were in a little wonton cup....thanks for sharing the recipe.

Jackie said...

I love your blog. I also do the Eat To Live program. It has been an amazing journey for me. I have been chronicalling my journey on my blog

I've linked to your site from my blog.

Veg-a-Nut said...

I have been craving yaki soba for some time and have buckwheat pasta in the cupboard. Yeah another meal to add to the menu. You know we can all get in a rut. I love the wonton muffin idea, but where did you find wontons that don't have egg in them? I have been looking for about a year and have yet to find them. I really need to read that book. I know it is at the library. I just hear so much good about it.

Shananigans said...

Those "muffins" sounds like a great idea. I plan on reading Eat to Live soon as well. Gotta get these last few pounds off and get rid of the processed stuff.

Carrie™ said...

You're a busy woman Dori! I don't know how you do it. I've rediscovered brussels sprouts and am willing to try them in different ways to see if I 'really' like them. The filling sounds like a must try.

urban vegan said...

Soba--classic comfort food. I buy mine at the Asian market, too--everything is so much cheaper there.

I loved hearing your vegan "coming out" story. Never look back, right? ;)

urban vegan said...

I buy my noodles in the Asian grovery, too--so much cheaper.

Fun to hear your vegan "coming out" story. "Don't look back" --and how.

Melody Polakow said...

thanks for sharing your journey.. How cool that Bryanna's cookbook gave you so much information on this lifestyle!

Shannon said...

Hello Dori,

In the last few months, you may remember receiving an email invitation to become a part of the Foodbuzz Featured Publisher Program. With all the recipe-writing and food photography to be completed, we know emails can easily get lost in the shuffle, so Foodbuzz would like to re-extend our offer of inviting you to be a part of our food blogger network. I would love to send you more details about the program, so if you are interested, please email me at


Shannon Eliot
Editorial Assistant,

Some call me... rocky said...

Hi Dori

I have not posted here before but I have seen you in other forums and I read your blog as well. I also follow ETL and I support your journey into ETL.

You should check out his forum. There is a lot of people there that are very supportive and helpful with one another. Dr.Fuhrman also answers questions you might have.

Anonymous said...

Hi Dori!
"life has changed so much from that decision."

I so understand what you mean.
It's great to read about how you came to where you are now!

Anonymous said...

Hi - just checking in to make sure you're doing okay.


Jackie said...

We only got buckwheat here a few years ago and I have learnt to love it as it makes me feel full for hours and tastes good as well.

Thanks for the Brussel sprout filling recipe. I have always loved Brussels.

Jody from VegChic said...

Hey Dori, just checking in to see what's going on with you. Those wonton muffins sure look interesting.

Hope you and the fam are doing well!

Anonymous said...

Hi - just checking in. I'm glad your daughter didn't get hurt but I'm sorry about your car. Thanks so much for your comments on my blog -- it's definitely uplifting to know that others have been on the road I find myself on. I'm definitely learning a lesson in faith.

I hope you and your family are safe and well.


vegan blog tracker said...

I'm going to a finger food potluck tomorrow... those wonton "muffins" look perfect. Mmmm.

affectioknitter said...

That all looks so yummy!

Tanya Kristine said...

what a great story. what a brave woman. i wish i were that brave...i always thought i was but alas i'm still in sacto at a state job that sucks my soul dry. i'd love acreage filled with tons of unwanted animals that now know they ARE wanted.

Anonymous said...

soba muffins, brilliant, love it! if you’re ever not in the mood to cook, i found a cool company that you should look up…vegin’ out, they’re called. They deliver a week of vegan meals…I know they deliver to California, I’m not sure about anywhere else, but I thought you might wanna check them out… have a good one!


Wheeler's Frozen Dessert said...

The wonton muffins - AWESOME! I love brussel sprouts :)

Wheeler's Frozen Dessert said...

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Just wanted to pass on this information ...

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Kate said...

Thanks for sharing your veg life story, everyone gets to being vegan in there own way and I love hearing people's experiences.

Anonymous said...

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Catherine said...

Where, oh where, is our dear Dori?

Miss your posts!

P.S. I just finished posting pictures from my recent trip to Haiti -- come check 'em out, if you have a chance!

Wheeler's Frozen Dessert said...

I really need to read that book! I've heard so many good things about it ...

erica said...

Hi Dori - I know you're still out there somewhere... so if you like, you should come look at the pictures I have up of my garden, it's growing like crazy and it's nowhere near as big as yours but it's still producing food for which I'm grateful. I hope you're well. xoxo

Erica said...

Thanks Dori! I'm sure your garden is still amazing :)

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